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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

cosmic battles

The war room at the Pentagon.
Dim lighting.
Craggy faced army Generals sit around a narrow table.
They are the most senior military men in America.
"If we go into Iran there might be hell to pay," mutters General Vortzel.
The comment hangs there.
General DuBose clears his throat.
"I have a suggestion," he says. "It's a bit out of left field. But why don't we just parachute Amanda Knox into the Presidential palace in Teheran. You know. Sort of let her roam the corridors for an evening."
There is silence.
General Tremayne breaks it finally.
"The Iranian government has murdered seven thousand Americans and another three thousand of our allies in proxy terror attacks over the past ten years," General Tremayne intones. "They have done so for no other reason than that they wished to sabotage our liberations of Iraq and Afghanistan. The way the Iranian government sees it, if ordinary Iranians saw the benefits of two free pro American societies on their borders, then the con job dictatorship game in Iran would be over. So they've been murdering Americans and Brits and others with gay abandon. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of ordinary Iraqis and Afghanis who have been murdered simply because the Iranian government has decided those countries must never know peace. The Iranian government is murderous, bloodthirsty, criminal, barbaric, egregious and malign. But gentlemen even they don't deserve Amanda Knox."
"You're right," said General Verfunftig reasonably. "And anyway we'd be in clear breach of the Geneva Convention."


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