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Thursday, October 13, 2011

how corrupt is the irish police force

All this week on the Heelers Diaries, we've been celebrating Corrupt Cops Week.
We've had some laughs.
Grown a little.
Casually libelled Sergeant James D O'Mara of the Naas traffic division, the corrupt low life scruff who tried to put me in fear at the side of the road, threw a photograph on the ground from my wallet, falsely claimed that he thought I might have stolen my own car after he'd seen my documents, and generally betrayed the traditions of law enforcement in Ireland, along with our laws, our citizenry and our Republic itself, by trumping up an excuse to bring me to court before a thug Muslim judge whom he knew would arbitrarily fine me, all because O'Mara wished to pretend that I had broken the law by not knowing one of the lights on my car had fused in a downpour.
We've had a hoot.
As we go to press, new charges are appearing in the public domain against Irish cops who interpret their remit to uphold the law as being a licence to terrorise ordinary people.
One ongoing court case features an Irish cop who used his truncheon to beat the living daylights out of a drunk Polish man who had been restrained in a cell.
This cop hero of law enforcement also racially abused the man he was violating with the truncheon.
Low life scum indeed.
The tainted jury will probably find him innocent as per the usual procedures here.
Hoo baby.
The Irish Police force has made great strides in replacing the internationally accepted motto of policing To Protect And Serve with a new malign motto of their own To Harass And Intimidate.
Still we must admit that the Irish Police force did find time over the Autumn months to do some real law enforcement in between terrorising and randomly assaulting members of the public.
After all they did manage to jail a 65 year old woman last month for the crime of not wanting the Electricity Supply Board to cut down trees on her land.
I kid you not.
The crime barons, the people traffickers, Presidential candidate Gay Mitchell's murdering racketeer cousin, the drug dealers, the Islamists, the young rapists and muggers who so haunt the streets of our towns, all these go free.
But Judge Liberal and Garda Thug finally found an Irish person they were willing to lock up.
A 65 year old lady who wanted to protect her trees.
I weep for my generation.


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