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Thursday, October 13, 2011

vladimir putin's greatest hits

1. The air crash which killed the President of Poland and one hundred of Poland's leading political, military and spiritual leaders last week. A clear decapitations strike against those great men and women who had lived through and defeated Russian Communist Oppression. There were the very conscience of Poland. Putin killed them for it.
2. The murder of Moscow Judge Eduard Chevashov.
3. Attempted poisoning of President of Ukraine.
4. Murder by poison in London of leading critic of Putin's regime using Polonium 90 Isotope.
5. Murder by poison of leading Georgian politician in attempt to subvert independence of Georgia.
6. The murder of journalist Anna Politskaya who had been harshly critical of Putin's war against Chechnya. Chechen proxies were used to carry out the hit in order to provide plausible deniability for the real culprits. Up to that time, I had personally supported President Putin's actions against the Islamist Chechens.
7. Invasion of Georgia on the eve of the Olympic Games in order to detach two Russified regions from it.
8. Alliance with Iran and Syria against American interests, even while Iranian and Syrian backed Al Qaeda Chechens are downing Russian aeroplanes, bombing Russian trains, and murdering Russian citizens in the streets of Moscow and other cities.
9. Gerrymandering of recent Ukrainian Presidential elections to ensure victory for an ethnic Russian gangster from the Donetski region, an inexplicable result in a country that has spent half a century trying to escape from Russia.
10. Gerrymandering of the Eurovision song contest using methods and technology later applied for the subversion of Ukraine's elections.
11. The overthrow of the government of Kirgyzstan last week.
12. Assistance to Saddam Hussein prior to the liberation of Iraq, in removing Saddam's chemical weapons stock pile and hiding it in Syria. (This allegation is based on the writings of journalist Kenneth Timmerman.)
13. A secret memorandum of understanding with the Islamic Republic of Iran to come to the aid of Iran in the event of any western attack. (That's my own assertion. We'll know for sure soon enough.)


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