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Friday, October 14, 2011

the men who would be king

Seven candidates are presenting themselves to the Irish public in the forthcoming Presidential elections. These are the seven candidates who have been permitted to stand by the country's established political parties. In Ireland it is illegal for ordinary citizens to stand for the Presidency without the endorsement of establishment political parties. Apparently our political pseudo elites don't want any Abe Lincolns here. So the wheel is rigged and it's the only game in town. The Presidency is a symbolic office in Ireland. Real power remains with the Prime Minister. Nonetheless the aforementioned pseudo elites don't want any Sam, Dick or Catholic walking in and hoovering up a half million dollars a year for doing f--- all. Yes, seven candidates are standing. Five of these are conventional anti Catholic media sluts, in bed with RTE, Independent Newspapers and The Irish Times. Two of the candidates have some genuine pretentions to public service.
Here are the seven.
1. Sean Gallagher. Fake Businessman, fake television personality, fake Independent candidate, real life kleptocratic Fianna Fail apparatchik. Born to rule us. Born to get free money from the State courtesy of Fianna Fail for his bollocktic business ventures. Born to be king regardless of the worthlessness and moral turpitude of his vision and his actions. He's standing as an Independent because the Irish people in attempting to end Fianna Fail kleptocracy at the last general election, eviscerated Fianna Fail almost out of existence. Sean Gallagher is a creeping Fianna Failer, a former member of the Fianna Fail national executive who now likes to proclaim his Independent mindedness. Has received tens of thousands of dollars for his various bankrupt businesses from State Boards on which he had previously sat as a Fianna Fail appointee. Inevitably refuses to repay such grants and or loans when his preposterous businesses inevitably collapse. He is of course styled a successful businessman by our clueless media shills. Really he represents the triumph of institutionalised thievery which Fianna Fail and the other main political parties Fine Gael and Labour have made their hallmarks. There are no consequences for these people. No matter how often they go out of business, there is always more State money to let them set up another business. There is always another State Board willing to accomodate them with hundred thousand dollar salaries. They cannot lose. Vote for him if you approve of this sort of thing.
2. Mary Davis. Another lifelong Fianna Fail apparatchik posing as an Independent. Has spent decades as a Fianna Fail appointee to various State company boards. Received these million dollar sinecures as part of Fianna Fail's system of patronage and corruption. An horrendous effusive harridan who likes nothing better than swanning around in designer suits mewling about how one of her daughters is going to have to emigrate to find work. You're just like us, eh Mary? The question arises as to why Mary Davis doesn't just give little Princess Davis a hundred grand out of her ten million dollar stash and let her set up her own business in Ireland. It's hard to escape the thought that maybe little Princess Davis doesn't really want to work for a living and her emigration is purely a form of tourism prior to her return in glory to take up a few Fianna Fail sincecures for life like her mother has been doing. These people think they were born to rule us. We are farm animals to them. If you want yet another creeping kleptocratic Fianna Failer in the President's office, go ahead and vote for Mary Davis. One thing is sure. She'll thank you effusively.
3. David Norris. A favoured candidate for Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times and RTE due to his lifelong rejection of Christian values. They regard him as a safe pair of testicles and are consequently willing to ignore his advocacy of paedophilia. An unseemly fellow. Unelectable. Vote for him if you like these attributes.
4. Michael D Higgins. Atheistic, Maoist, abortionist who has spent a lifetime cheering for Soviet and Chinese backed dictators worldwide. Once claimed a close friendship with the then communist dictator of Nicaragua Danilo Ortega De Saavedra. Has failed to repudiate his friend Danilo after Danilo was accused by Danilo's adopted daughter of raping her throughout her childhood. Apes to be concerned about sex abuse cases involving the Catholic Church though. Go figure. Has spent a lifetime jeering at the Catholic Church on spurious ultra leftist grounds. He is a dessicated hopeless, wretched little clapped out Bolshevick. Favoured by Independent Newspapers et al. In fact Independent Newspapers, RTE and the Irish Times, claim falsely and indeed ridiculously that he is ahead in the polls with 23 percent of those surveyed by those media groups allegedly asserting they will support him. Let me tell you this. Michael D Higgins does not have 23 voters out of any hundred anywhere in the Republic of Ireland or anywhere on the planet earth, except perhaps in the Independent Newspapers canteen. Vote for him if you like your defeated Maoists bigoted, decrepit and depressing.
5. Gay Mitchell. Fine Gael candidate. Cousin of Ireland's most notorious racketeer, George Mitchell. George Mitchell is famous for murder, prostitution, extortion and drug dealing. Gay Mitchell thinks this fact should be irrelevant to you in casting your vote for President. Okay. I admit it. Perhaps my references to Gay Mitchell's murdering, drug dealing, prostituting, extortionist, cousin are cheap shots. Yet, Gay Mitchell himself has attempted to impugn other candidates for what he considers their shady connections. Gay Mitchell has dealt with the issue of his cousin being a drug dealing, prostituting, extortionist murderer, by saying: "Why is it relevant what one of my cousins does? I don't even know him. I have lots of cousins. One of my other cousins is an Ambassador. Another is a senior officer in the Defence Forces. Another is a high ranking Police Officer." If you find his reasoning convincing, then you know what to do. For me, I find it distinctly unedifying that the Mitchell family seems to have such a lien on the upper echelons of Irish society. Do we really need a further Mitchell as President? I mean even if we don't mind him being a cousin of the murdering, drug dealing, prostituting, extortionist Penguin? Hmmm. On the other hand I frankly admit that Gay Mitchell has more or less raised a legitimate concern in notifying the public that several Mitchells have risen to high office in Foreign Embassies, the army and the police force unbeknownst to the rest of us. Doesn't this raise serious issues when it comes to the defence of the realm? I mean what if the Irish President wanted to despatch an assassination squad to kill the Penguin. This is precisely what the Irish President would want to do if I was the Irish President. Anyhoo. I'm only asking. What if. How would we ensure that the penguin's cousin in the police force wouldn't just tip him off for old time's sake? Or what about the penguin's cousin in the army from which we would draw that assassination squad? Or the penguin's Ambassador cousin in the diplomatic corps, who would have to be informed in advance in order to prepare our plausibly deniable excuse when the host country inevitably captured our bungling assassins? You know what folks. I think Gay Mitchell has vertently or inadvertently raised a very serious point. We should fire all his cousins. And then despatch our hit squad to remove the rackateer. Lovely lovely people. Anyhoo. Enough of that. Gay Mitchell claims to be a Catholic. In the few months since Fine Gael in alliance with the Labour Party came to power in Ireland, Fine Gael Prime Minister Enda Kenny has maliciously and mendaciously claimed that the Vatican obstructed Ireland's investigations into child abuse cases. When challenged as to when and where the Vatican did such a thing, Enda Kenny at first refused to answer, and then claimed he was not speaking about any particularly case, only representing the anger of the Irish people. But of course he had told a very specific lie. The self proclaimed Catholic Gay Mitchell never challenged him on it. Fine Gael Justice Minister Alan Shatter has introduced Soviet style legislation to compel Catholic priests to reveal to Alan Shatter things that are said to them during the Catholic ritual of Confession. Confession allows repentant sinners to tell a priest any wrong doing they have engaged in, with the guarantee that the priest will die rather than reveal what they tell him. Alan Shatter intends to shatter this sacred trust in a legalistic persecution of the Catholic Church that neither genoicidal Nazis nor atheistic Communists have ever matched. The self proclaimed Catholic Gay Mitchell has never once spoken out about Alan Shatter's attempts to give his bigoted attacks on the ancient Church a legalistic veneer. Education Minister Ruairi Quinn of the Labour Party has been attempting to seize Secondary Schools run by the Catholic Church. Again you have to go to Soviet Russia and her client States, or Nazi Germany, to find similar behaviour from a government. The self proclaimed Catholic Gay Mitchell has never once expressed even the slightest opposition to Ruairi Quinn's coup de main against our Church. Fine Gael parliamentarian Charlie Flannagan has called for the expulsion of the Vatican ambassador from Ireland. The self proclaimed Catholic Gay Mitchell has uttered not one syllable in defence of our ancient faith, in the face of the venomous tirade issuing forth from the gombeenic Flanagan and his ilk. I put it to you folks. Gay Mitchell is not a Catholic in any meaningful sense of that word except in the sense that he would like people who are Catholic to vote for him. Gay Mitchell's supposed Catholicism has not prevented the virulently anti Catholic Independent Newspapers, RTE and the Irish Times from favouring his candidacy. Nor has it led him to utter the merest utterance against the kulturkampf currently being waged by those media groups against the Faith Of Our Fathers. Maybe Gay Mitchell really is a Catholic and I just haven't noticed. His party Fine Gael has sidled into government as the Irish people attempted to turn their backs on Fianna Fail kleptocracy. Within weeks of gaining office, Fine Gael had given ten thousand million dollars of public money to the worthless corrupt gangsterish bankrupt Allied Irish Banks If you like the cut of his jib, then vote for him you should.
6. Dana. A genuinely Independent and genuinely Christian candidate. She is also the first one I've named today who is a genuine outsider among the atheistic abortionist anti Catholic hijackers of the pseudo upper echelons of Irish polical and cultural life. Indepdent Newspapers, RTE and the Irish Time despise her as surely as they despise the pale Gallilean himself. She came late into the race. Otherwise I would be voting for her.
7. Martin McGuinness. Former terrorist. Now something of a Statesman. The second true outsider in the contest and the one most feared by the shadowy societal pseudo elites who are so accustomed to manipulating the rest of us into voting only for candidates that are acceptable to the atheistic abortionist freemasonic propaganda disseminators at Independent Newspapers, RTE and the Irish Times. Has been a key figure in delivering Ireland's first chance at peace in over 800 years of conflict with Great Britain. Did not take any cheap shots at his rivals when he came in from the cold of the physical force tradition. Actually worked with the Reverend Iain Paisley and Peter Robinson. Didn't take the easy option of pulling out amidst the usual triumphalist showboating. Did precisely what he promised. Worked with all sides of the Community to create the possibility of a lasting peace. More importantly, he is not in the pocket of Independent Newspapers, RTE or the Irish Times. He is not a servitor of the neo feudal O'Reilly family (owners of Independent Newspapers) or of the banks, or of the venal kleptocratic bolshevick gangster elites within Fianna Fail, the Labour Party, or Fine Gael. He is not in hock to the Dublin faux intelligentsia. He is a man of integrity who has shown a true spirit of courage, an inclusive vision and a sincere repentance for past wrongs. I will be voting for him. I think he will win.


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