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Sunday, June 10, 2012

the destruction of law in the republic of ireland

Marxian atheist mafioso Judge Martin Nolan continued his all out war against the rule of law in the Republic of Ireland this week.
Judge Martin Nolan previously won fame for his unjust, injudicious, and thoroughly invidious incarceration of family man Paul Begley, a self made fruit importer employing a hundred people in Ireland, who had built up his business from a vegetable round on the streets of Dublin. I kid you not. Mr Begley had been in dispute with the tax authorities and was in the process of repaying them money they alleged he owed for mislabelling garlic as apples.
Judge Martin Nolan didn't care about any of that and chose to crassly, vilely, and illegally jail Paul Begley for six years.
Judge Martin Nolan won further fame for himself as a destroyer of law when he gave a get out of jail free card to an Aids infected Dublin heroin addict bitch who had tried to give a Muslim security man Aids by biting him when he had attempted to prevent her stealing boots from a shop.
The Aids bitch had shouted at the Muslim man: "I'm gonna infect youuuuuu."
Judge Martin Nolan gave the Dublin Aids bitch a suspended sentence, meaning he sentenced her to nothing.
Hoo baby.
A working class hero is something to be, eh Judge Nolan.
Judge Martin Nolan's latest offensive against the rule of law came this week when he refused to remand in custody a group of hoodlums awaiting retrial for kidnapping and robbery.
The hoodlums had previously been convicted of their kidnappings and robberies.
The hoodlums had then been given publc money to challenge their conviction to the Supreme Court of Ireland.
That is to say, I paid for the kidnappers' utterly frivolous Supreme Court challenge to their utterly correct conviction for a crime they utterly did commit.
The Free Legal Aid system working at its best.
Keeping the Judges of Ireland in a position to let their paymasters in gangland walk free.
A malign coterie of shadowy Supreme Court Judge Liberals (not including Judge Martin Nolan) had let the hoodlums off on a technicality, ruling a search warrant inadmissable that had been used to search the hoodlums' premises.
And so the hoodlums ended up in Judge Martin Nolan's court appealing to be let out on bail prior to their retrial.
The cops recommended that the hoodlums not be let out on bail.
Judge Martin Nolan didn't care about that.
A working class hero like Judge Martin Nolan is not going to take orders from mere police officers.
What's a little kidnapping and grand larceny when set against the actions of a fruit importer who had an argument with the taxman?
You couldn't make it up.
So the hoodlums are free.
They're on the streets.
Thanks to Judge Martin Nolan, they're out there tonight.
Along with the Aids bitch who likes trying to infect Muslim security guards with Aids as she's stealing boots from city shops.
That bitch is free too.
The only one doing time after an appearance in Judge Martin Nolan's kangaroo court is Paul Begley, the family man who employs a hundred people in Ireland, who has never reneged on his debts to idiot banks, who has never raped or murdered anyone, who built up his business by selling vegetables out of a wheelbarrow.
I'm being a bit harsh on kangaroos.
For all I know, kangaroos would find Judge Martin Nolan as corrupt and unacceptable as I do.
I apologise to kangaroos for associating them with such a degraded mafioso low life.
Well done Judge Martin Nolan.
Well bloody done.
Seriously though, you're doing a brilliant job.

Footnote: Judge Martin Nolan if I ever get you down, you are going to jail forever. And you'll be sharing a cell with that Aids bitch you just set loose, and with the kidnappers you just released into the community who are of course currently planning their next bank job even as we speak. You boll-x.


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