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Saturday, June 09, 2012

holier than thou

"Will you be going to the Eucharistic Congress?" enquired the Clerk of Works over tiffin.
I shook my handsome head.
"Anything to do with the Eucharist has got to be good," I explained. "So I'm not begrudging attendance to anyone who choose to attend. But for me I just can't go. The whole thing is being turned into a showcase for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's power play within the Irish Church. And Arcbishop Diarmuid Martin and his leftist allies in the media have just ruined Cardinal Sean Brady, a decent venerable hero of faith. They ruined him for no other reason than they thought he stood in their way. And Arcbishop Diarmuid Martin and his accomplices will be using the Eucharistic Congress to spotlight themselves as great men. I couldn't go along with that. Archbhishop Diarmuid Martin and company have casually murdered Cardinal Sean Brady's reputation by falsely labelling him a concealer of child abuse. I can't tolerate this. I can't. If I did go to the Eucharistic Congress, I would be acquiescing to the crime Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his atheistic media pals have committed against Cardinal Sean Brady. I mean, it's just monstrous what they have done. They really have deliberately set out to destroy him. It's important to me that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his Marxian fellow travellers should know I have opposed them every step of the way. Every calumny they have perpetrated against Cardinal Sean Brady they have perpetrated in spite of me. I allow them nothing. I accept no lie they have told. I bow to no innuendo they have propagated. I defy them. And there's no way I could attend the Eucharistic Congress which they are hijacking. There's no way I could look the other way while these hounds of hell trahaise and despoil by their very presence the Ceremony of Communion, the most sacred most ancient most mysterious most impossible ritual at the core of the Catholic religion."


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