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Saturday, June 02, 2012

ye traditional olde worlde calls for ye boycottes of president putin's satellite states with a venerable addendum for archie

The rather few Irish football fans who are thinking of going to Poland and Ukraine for the European Soccer Championship, might wish to bear in mind that Poland and Ukraine have both once more fallen victim to the resovietising Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Two years ago Mr Putin used his agents to assassinate the legitimate President of Poland along with a hundred leading Polish politicians in a faked air crash.
I say faked air crash, because the plane didn't crash.
Mr Putin's KGB shot it down.
A pro Russian President was then installed in Poland through a gerrymandered election.
In Ukraine Mr Putin's KGB agents also gerrymandered the recent elections to install a Pro Russian gangster from the Donetski region as President.
Mr Putin's KGB had previously poisoned one of Ukraine's leading democracy campaigners, who survived and became President for a few years.
The current legitimate President of Ukraine is Yulia Timoshenko.
Mr Putin's Ukrainian agents have imprisoned Yulia Timoshenko on trumped up charges.
The charges against Yulia Timoshenko carry a particularly Putinesque note of scorn in that they ridiculously, maliciously and invidiously claim Yulia Timoshenko betrayed Ukraine while Prime Minister by conducting an improperly close relationship with Vladimir Putin's Russia.
Any Irish fans (and indeed any fans from anywhere else) travelling to Poland and Ukraine will make themselves complicit in what Russian psychopath Vladimir Putin is doing to both those countries.
I humbly suggest you don't go.
In Dublin an international religious festival is about to take place.
The festival is supposedly in honour of the Catholic religious ceremony of communion known as The Eucharist.
Catholic tradition has taught for 2000 years that during the communion ceremony, bread actually becomes Jesus Christ truly present.
The forthcoming Dublin festival will not in fact be in honour of the Eucharist.
The festival will be a means for a corrupt Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, styling himself Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, to promulgate and then copperfasten his corruptly obtained influence over the Christian faith in Ireland.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his cheerleading allies in the anti Catholic Irish Times, the anti Catholic Irish Independent, and the anti Catholic broadcaster RTE, to wit, the most virulently and viciously anti Catholic media groups in Europe, have lately been trying to engineer the ruination of Cardinal Sean Brady, a saintly and holy man whose life has been dedicated to the people of Ireland and to the ancient faith.
Archie and his media allies are attempting to ruin Cardinal Brady through a maliciously contrived false claim that Cardinal Brady concealed child abuse by not going to the cops with details of a meeting where he took testimony from a child abuse victim in 1975.
If these contrived falsehoods against Cardinal Brady are sufficient to render him guilty of concealing child abuse in the minds of our gormless citizenry and bigoted atheistic Judiciary, then everyone of us is guilty of it.
All of us who have handled sex abuse testimonies have at some stage chosen to handle them discreetly.
Do not go to the Eucharist Congress in Dublin.
Do not help the corrupt thug Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to extend his control over the Catholic Church in Ireland.
Fight them.
Fight them every step of the way.
The bast--ds.


So gentle friends.
I'm asking you to boycott two international events.
Both are intended to distract the citizenry from the destruction now being wrought on human kind through the sovietisation of our economies and the enslavement of our Church.
They're trying to distracting us with Bread and Circusses.
Archie's profane hijacking of the sacred cermony of Communion Bread is indistinguishable in its venality from the louche polical smokescreen that comprises the European Football Circus.
Boycott both these travesties.


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