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Friday, June 08, 2012


Dear Uncle James.
Why do you keep insisting that Vladimir Putin won't help resolve the Syrian crisis?
Ernst Von Steinervortzel (The Third)

Dear Ernst.
I do indeed suggest that Vladimir Putin will continue to obstruct any direct action against Bashar Assad's dictatorship in Syria.
You are well aware that I believe Mr Putin to be a psychopath intent on resovietising Russia.
I also suggest that the preponderance of probability points to Mr Putin as an assassin who has ordered the murders of sundry politicians in countries on Russia's borders, countries which I believe Mr Putin wishes to subvert.
I also suggest that Mr Putin was responsible for the attempted murder of a Ukrainian presidential candidate, the invidious arrest and detention of the current legitimate President of Ukraine Mrs Yulia Timoshenko, and the installation in Ukraine of a puppet ethnic Russian gangster as President, one Mr Viktor Yanukovich. (Two Viktor Yanukoviches would have been excessive even by Mr Putin's standards.)
I further suggest that Mr Putin was responsible for the murder of the legitimate President of Poland and a hundred leading Polish polticians who had themselves been responsible for seeing off the Soviet domination of their country, and were themselves in effect the living Conscience of Poland. I suggest that Mr Putin murdered them by shooting down their plane in Russian airspace and labelling the subsequent crash an accident.
I would add, that the occasional pro Putin Russians with whom I have managed to consult on what I allege is Mr Putin's asssassination of the Polish President, get very uncomfortable when I mention my analysis and attribution of the murders.
They can barely look me in the eye.
This is what I'm saying folks.
Even his fans think he did it.
I assert that subsequent to his murder of the Conscience of Poland, Mr Putin inserted a pro communist pro Putin, leftist as President of Poland through a gerrymandered election.
None of these assertions which I make freely about Mr Putin whenever the mood takes me, none of them I say, are the reason why I have concluded he will not be a party to any action to facilitate the rescue of the Syrian people from the Assad family murderocracy.
There is another quite distinct allegation which I wish to bring into the public domain with regard to Mr Putin's motivation for supporting Assad's Soviet style police state in Syria.
I assert that the reason for Mr Putin's ongoing protection and propagation of the Assad dicatorship, relates to the assistance the Assad dictatorship gave to Mr Putin in taking Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons out of Iraq on the eve of the American liberation of Iraq in 2003.
Mr Putin's aid to Saddam Hussein and Assad's collusion in this aid, was an attempt to terminally embarrass and ultimately derail the movement towards American style democracy in the Middle East.
My source for this analysis is American journalist Kenneth Timmerman, who has compiled a dossier attesting to the removal of chemical weapons from Iraq into Syria by Russian KGB controlled commandos in 2003.
The witnesses cited by Kenneth Timmerman include senior Iraqi military men from the Saddam era.
His allegations are sensational but not sensationalist.
They are credible.
Mr Timmerman is no saint. He is not without a horse in these races. He has a fondness for certain Muslim Iranian backed politicians that is worth noting but which I think does not discredit his investigations.
And the fact remains.
Vladimir Putin is right this moment defending, upholding and extending the dictatorship of Bashar Al Assad at precisely the time when Bashar Al Assad is slaughtering the people of Syria in the streets.
If I'm wrong about Mr Putin, and frankly I hope I am, then I ask you this.
What the hell is he doing it for?
James Healy


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