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Saturday, August 11, 2012

box watching

Drowsing in front of the sexevision.
One of the music channels is playing.
David Bowie comes on with a new version of his old hit.
As the lyrics reach me, I perk up.
David Bowie is singing:

"Ashes to ashes
I'm a flunky
You know Cian O'Connor's horse is a junkie
Strung out in outer space
 Singing oh oh ohhhhhhhhh
My Mama says
To get things rightly
You'd better not mess
With Tony O'Reilly.
My Mama says
When things get unsightly
You just gotta call
Tony O'Reilly"

I've never much bought into the legend of David Bowie. But he does have a sort of louche genius. And this song was positively daring.


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