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Thursday, August 09, 2012

its a muslim muslim muslim muslim world

We are in the first years of a European wide civil war.
Since the year 2000, the war has gathered pace.
You could be forgiven for thinking Europe had already surrendered to its Muslim would be conquerors.
In the past decade Muslims have: blown up trains and buses in England; attempted to blow up Glasgow airport; attempted repeatedly to bomb British cities; torched French cities; stabbed the mayor of Paris; murdered French soldiers at ATM machines; filmed themselves shooting dead three little Jewish schoolgirls in Toulouse; sued the French State for not capturing alive the Muslim who slaughtered the little Jewish schoolgirls and the French soldiers at the ATM machines; detached Kosovo from Serbia; insisted on retaining Northern Cyprus which they had already detached from Cyprus; attempted to poison Rome's water supply; beat an Irish teenager to death on Grafton Street Dublin with a baseball bat and evaded what passes for Irish justice by buying an Irish judge; blew up the Madrid metro; blew up apartment buildings in Madrid; executed Dutch film director Theo Van Gogh in the streets of the Netherlands; executed Pym Fortyn, the Dutch Prime Minister in waiting, in the streets of the Netherlands; operated child abuse networks solely targeting white children in the UK; knocked over sky scrapers in New York; blown up planes all over the world whenever the mood took them; bombed Christian churches across Africa; murdered 150 Russian schoolchildren at Beslan; blew up the Moscow Saint Petersburg Express train; continued all out Jihad war against China and India; initiated plans to bomb the Canadian parliament and behead the Canadian Prime Minister; successfully shot up the Indian parliament; shot dead in the streets 187 people in Bombay; attempted to develop nuclear weapons to destroy the State of Israel; successfully developed nuclear weapons in Pakistan while whining to the world that they didn't have enough money to build flood defences against Pakistan's annual moonsoon.
All this in the past ten years.
All this and much much more.
And what has been the response of Europe's ruling pseudo elites?
Not to limit Muslim immigration.
But to expand it exponentially.
Meanwhile the Muslims continue to probe our defences, buy up our Judges and politicians, and establish the bridge head for their ultimate enslavement of what is for them a new continent.
Here is the news.
The Muslims will either rule us or be defeated.
There is no other outcome on the table.
Defeat for the Muslims will mean we send them home to the countries they have already enslaved for fifteen centuries.
Send them home to Allah.
And to the hell on earth that Muslims create wherever they seize control of a country.
Send them home.
All of them.


Blogger Chamki said...

Muslims are a face for these things. They are puppets, they're a clever disguise.

Muslims did this, lets go war in their countries. "Reorganise them a bit" Even Indian uses Pakistan and Muslims as a cover up for many things that go one around election time.

Pakistan is no saint, but Muslims are an easy target. Don't follow TV news, the papers and popular media, they're only the govt. James.

Why would they willingly put their face to all the crap that happens in the world? Only to be hit back by America?
Think again.

7:52 PM  

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