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Friday, April 19, 2013

judge martin nolan's feeling for c*cks*ck*rs

Ireland's famously corrupt Judge Martin Nolan was in action again this week.
In court was a child abuser who in 1983, tried to force a five year old boy child to give him a blow job.
Having failed to do this, the man performed the act on the child himself.
He has been on the run since last December.
Liberal judges had released him on bail.
They always do, don't they.
Of course he absconded.
Now recaptured he stood in the dock before Old Let Em Go Nolan.
Judge Martin Nolan sentenced him to six months in jail.
Judge Martin Nolan tried to make the sentence seem more severe to court watchers, by announcing it as a two year sentence.
But he suspended 18 months of the two years, leaving a grand total of six months jailtime for the child rapist.
In fact it is not clear whether this child rapist will serve any time at all.
It was implied in media reports that the sentence would be reduced further in recognition of time the child rapist had already spent in Garda custody.
So that's it.
Judge Martin Nolan thinks six months is an adequate sentence for someone who rapes a child.
I feel a great gulf opening up between me and Judge Martin Nolan.
Consider this.
Judge Martin Nolan last year sentenced a hard working Dublin man called Paul Begley to six YEARS in jail for the heinous crime of mislabelling garlic as apples.
Paul Begley had infringed a European Union regulation intended to put garlic importers out of business by forcing them to pay tax rates of 250 percent on their produce.
I kid you not.
Paul Begley was repaying the tax authorities the money they claimed he owed them.
Paul Begley's fruit importing company supposedly employed a hundred people.
Paul Begley had built up the business himself as a barrow boy on the streets of Dublin.
Paul Begley had a wife and children.
And Judge Martin Nolan jailed him for six years for mislabelling garlic.
Judge Martin Nolan thinks that the infringement of an EU regulation on labelling garlic is a crime meriting a sentence of SIX YEARS.
Judge Martin Nolan, it is time for you to go.

Footnote: The wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned fruit importer Paul Begley, whose sole crime was to get into a quarrel with the tax authorities about his supposed mislabelling of garlic, has been released on appeal. He served six months of the sentence that Judge Martin Nolan wrongly and corruptly imposed on him.


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