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Sunday, May 05, 2013

gangs of ireland

1. The Irish Chief of Police has admitted that at least 26 Mafia style gangs are operating to a significant degree in Ireland.

2. The real figure is higher.

3. International crime gangs have been attracted to Ireland as a soft target for people trafficking activities.

4. Ireland's locally based Marxian terror group styled the IRA has reinvented itself as a full time people trafficking and drug dealing organisation.

5. The IRA has long standing associations with Muslim terrorists having established direct links with the Hamas and Hezbollah Palestinian murder gangs and via them with agents of Iran's Islamist regime during the 1980's while training at terror camps run in Libya by Colonel Gadaffy.

6. Present day IRA rackateers have cultivated these links to Muslim Terror and now routinely assist Al Qaeda in smuggling Muslims into Ireland.

7. Chinese Triad gangs have operated in Ireland for at least fifty years. Traditionally Chinese crime gangs did not hassle the native Irish population but restricted themselves to extortion activities against ethnic Chinese people living here. The younger generation of Chinese gangsters living in Ireland have no such scruples. The recent murder of an Irishman in Dublin by a young Chinese Triad member over a 20 pence phone debt is the most explicit indicator that the younger Triads are no longer restricting themselves to the pseudo probities of their parents.

8. The Chinese Triads in Ireland routinely cooperate with Al Qaeda and the newly incarnated rackateering IRA in people trafficking and drug shipment activities.

9. My information is that no Chinese restaurant in Ireland can open without the permission of a Chinese Triad boss.

10. It is my analysis that the historical decision by Irish law enforcement professionals to allow the Chinese Triads to fester here as long as the Triads restricted themselves to murdering, prostitution and extortion activities within the Chinese commmunity, was a deeply immoral one.

11. Since the younger generation of Chinese gangsters are now openly conducting their activities against the broader community, the imperative towards dealing with them, is even greater.

12. The Russian Mafia is a significant player in Ireland and has purchased police officers, Judges and politicians over the past two decades. The Russian mob was implicated in the collapse of Anglo Irish Bank, a financial institution that went bust with losses exceeding those of the largest American loss maker Citibank. The Russian Mafia had been systematically looting the bank through loans from and to their associates on the bank's staff ie: Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm, and Anglo's major shareholder Sean Quinn, his sons Peter and Sean, his IRA brother Peter and their IRA connected families. I am suggesting that Ireland's now conveniently deceased Finance Minister Brian Lenihan was murdered by these Russian mobsters after Lenihan brought Ireland into the Third World overnight in order to cover up Anglo Irish Bank's burglarisation of itself. Lenihan's looting of the treasury in order to bankroll Russian mobsters and their associates the Quinns and Fitzpatricks, didn't save him from the murderousness of the monsters he was in bed with. He knew too much as far as they were concerned and that is why they killed him. I would ask you to note that Russian mobsters (and indeed the present Russian President) routinely use radioactive materials to induce galloping cancers in those they wish to murder. Lenihan died of cancer shortly after his controversial and hugely illegal midnight decision to impoverish the Irish Nation by looting the treasury in order to cover up the burglarisation of Anglo Irish Bank by Sean Fitzpatrick, Sean Quinn, Peter Quinn, the Quinn family generally, the Russian Mafia in particular, and various other criminal associates of the aforementioned who just happened to be members of Brian Lenihan's Fianna Fail political party. Brian Lenihan's wife Patricia Ryan is a Circuit Court Judge. Who ya gonna call? You might as well f--king call the Ghostbusters. It is my profound conviction that Russian mobsters were also responsible for the murder of corrupt Irish parliamentarian Liam Lawlor, another member of Lenihan's Fianna Fail party, during a recent visit to Moscow. Lawlor who was the subject of a Judicial investigation in Ireland, was murdered in a fake car accident on the streets of Moscow by his mob associates.

14. A further connection between Ireland's Fianna Fail political party and people trafficking rackateers came to light more than a decade ago when then Prime Minister Albert Reynolds was discovered to have received a million pound donation to his pet food factory from a Palestinian terrorist who afterwards received an Irish passport. Albert Reynolds is the father of High Court Judge Leonie Reynolds.

15. Nigerian Mafias operate routinely in Ireland. My information is that Nigerian Mafias have used Ireland as a staging post for the transhipment of children intended for sacrifice to satan at the hands of Nigerian death cults operating in London and the rest of Great Britain. Police in Britain have confirmed that one of the beheaded children ritually murdered in London in the year 2000 was trafficked through Ireland.

16. Nigerian Mafias are responsible for the preponderance of trafficking operations involving women for use in prostitution. According to a recent study on the problem, Nigerian Mafias use devil worship and black magic rituals to cow into submission the women they traffick. Police and media in both Ireland and Britain remain reluctant to recognise or even mention the prevalence of devil worship as an integral part of the murder and mayhem being perpetrated by Nigerian Mafias.

17. The Irish Chief of Police now accepts that the newly incarnated rackateering IRA has direct links with the major Italian Mafias, styled Cosa Nostra, Ndrangheta and others.

18. The major international Mafias have representatives operating in every town and village in Ireland. These representatives are pre teens, teenagers and youths in their twenties who handle the direct marketing of drugs to young people. These youths are effectively functioning as militias in every town and village in Ireland on behalf of the major Mafias operating in this country. The fact that these militias are mainly composed of children, teenagers, and youths in their twenties means that many of their activities pass under the radar of law enforcement. The militias operate with a degree of independence and often have independent identities, ie as individual gangs with their own hierarchies, but the chain of command stretches directly from these local thugs up to the major Mafias who are their bosses. All these child and youth criminals are mentored by experienced gangsters often with IRA connections. The illusion of separation between the local thug militias and the major Mafias is maintained as a security feature enabling the major Mafias to project power anywhere in Ireland with plausible deniability for their most direct everyday crimes. The proliferation of murders by teenagers and youths in their twenties may occasionally cause public shock but the dots are rarely joined up to connect such assassinations with the kingpins in the major Mafias who are ordering them.

19. The local teenage and youth militias being operated by major crime gangs in every small town in Ireland specialise in dealing drugs directly to children. They have targeted every single school in the Republic of Ireland. There are no exceptions. The use of pre teens and teenagers to market drugs directly to children in Irish schools is the newest innovation being used by the major Mafias operating here.

20. The scum are on the streets.

21. It is time to take out the trash.


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