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Thursday, May 02, 2013

kenny watch at independent newspapers

The Irish government has just cancelled 200 million dollars worth of debt which the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish newspaper group self styled Independent Newspapers owes to the bankrupt idiot Irish banks which have recently been taken into public ownership by the morally bankrupt Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.
So the banks that went bust lending billions to Independent Newspapers are being bailed out by you and me.
And Independent Newspapers won't have to pay back a penny of this lost 200 million dollars.
Yes, Enda Kenny is allowing those banks which supposedly now belong to you and me to cancel 200 hundred million dollars of Independent Newspaper debt.
In other words you and I are keeping Independent Newspapers afloat even if we consider Independent Newspapers to be pond scum.
I would remind you gentle readers, that Independent Newspapers is owned by corrupt media baron Tony O'Reilly along with the politician bribing white collar criminal Denis O'Brien.
Tony O'Reilly's most salient criminality going back forty years, relates to creating worthless oil companies on the Irish stock exchange and finagling the general public, particularly old age pensioners with retirement money, and successive Irish governments with borrowings from Germany, into financing them.
The scam denoues as follows.
The public and the government inevitably lose their investment.
The O'Reilly's meanwhile quietly drain all the cash assets from their rubbish companies through a system of executive salaries and emoluments which means they get paid limitless sums of cash in spite of no oil being found.
Criminality is too kind a word.
They're at it again with something called Providence Resources at the moment.
I myself have inadvertently come into possession of some penny shares in Providence Resources, a situation that came about when the O'Reillys engineered a merger with a company I had already bought shares in.
Nonetheless I recommmend you not to buy.
And I recommend the pisspoor abortionist Fine Gael party not to sign the nation up to financing the O'Reillys latest doomed attempts to pose as oil barons.
Denis O'Brien's criminality and personal fortune relates to his bribing a decade ago of a then Fine Gael government Minister called Michael Lowry in order to corruptly obtain a licence to provide mobile phone services in the Republic of Ireland.
My conclusions about Denis O'Brien have been confirmed by an official Judicial enquiry into his corrupt subversion of Michael Lowry.
Enda Kenny's government is attempting to let the case die through inaction.
They're not going to get away with it.
Lovely lovely people.
Both Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien are financial sponsors of the Fine Gael party which they consider their own personal property.
Both these govenment subverting crooks who are now joint proprietors of the bankrupt Independent Newspapers group and who show real signs of despising each other, both of them I say, have personal fortunes in excess of a billion dollars.
And we're paying their bills.
You and I have been signed up by Fine Gael Prime Minister Enda Kenny to pay their debts for them.
Hilarious no.
By the way, the 200 million dollars which Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien are being let off, is only the thin end of the wedge.
The real figure is astronomicallly higher.
A further five hundred million dollars of Independent Newspapers debt is being rescheduled.
What on earth does rescheduling mean?
I'll tell you.
Rescheduling the further 500 million dollars of Independent Newspapers debt means that this further five hundred million dollars of Independent Newspapers debt will be cancelled next year when the furore about the cancellation of the present 200 million of Independent Newspapers debt dies down.
As for the remaining billion dollars of debt currently concealed by Independent Newspapers creative accounting practices, who knows when Enda Kenny will finally get round to forcing us to pay that.
Maybe in two years time.
Or whenever the mood takes him.
One thing is sure, Enda Kenny is never going to make Tony O'Reilly or Denis O'Brien liable for the ruinous sums of money their company has stolen from Irish banks in the form of unrealistically astronomical borrowings while paying million dollar salaries, bonuses and emoluments to themselves, the O'Reilly and O'Brien families and their useless employees.
I would ask you to note that the Irish Independent newspaper currently prints a photograph of Enda Kenny in every edition.
This practice has continued for the past year.
Some days they print two photos of Enda Kenny in a single edition.
One day last week, they printed five.
Here is the news.
The emperor is naked and there is a grotesque klepocratic multi billion dollar mole on his penis.
You and I are paying for the mole's BMW's.


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