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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

the dzhokhar

Some people call me the space Muslim
Some people call me the Jihadi of love
Some people call me Maurice
Because I blow up people in the name of the Prophet Mohammed
Cos I'm a psycho
I'm a chiller
I'm a Muslim
And I'm a killer
I blow up Boston Marathons on the run-n-n-n
I'm a Djokhar
I'm a smokhar
I'm a midnight murderer
Do my slaughterin on the run-n-n
People talk about me baby
Say he's doin me wrong
Oh he's doin me wrong yeah yeah
Lovely lovely lovely dovey ooh yeahhhh
But I'm right there right there right there with my quran

I mean even if I blow people up in your streets
I'm still gonna be buried next to your homes
Cos we're fuzzies
And we're wuzzies
And we're hussies
And we're mussies

We kill ya or maim your children or shoot your police
And then we have the sheer islamic gall to insist on our right to a funeral in your town
Do our Jihad on the run-n-n-n-n-n
Knock down skyscrapers
Like they're paper
Occasionally we'll rape ya
Take our lovin on the run-n-n-n

A Jihadi needs to have some fun-n-n-n
Cos I'm a Dzhokhar
I'm a Smokhar
I'm a teenage girl Choker
And me and my Muslim Al Qaeda family are laughing at you
We blow up your Boston Marathon
Tear off people's limbs
And shoot your policemen
And still we demand a decent burial in your town

Dooh dooh dooh
And my Uncle Ruslan gets to keep his American passport
Dooh wah doodie dooh

And it's all so tragic really
But there's nothing you can do
See you on the cover of Rolling Stone
Allah U Akbar
(and fade out)


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