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Sunday, August 18, 2013


"The Irish government must intervene. The Irish government must intervene."
The voice belonged to an Islamist who runs a Mosque in Dublin.
I have a vague acquaintance with some of his Black Jacket henchmen who have over the past few years developed a most curious penchant for filming me as I go about my daily business.
Ah the scum are on the streets indeed.
Thankfully there's a cure.
Today Big Daddy Islam is shouting on an Irish television programme about his Islamist family who clutching their Irish passports have been detained in Egypt by the Egyptian police, mainly because the Egyptians are getting kinda tired of the sort of murderous Islamist scum to which our useless Irish government have over the past few years developed such a curious penchant for giving passports to.
But I digress.
And I err grammatically.
big Daddy Islam is still crying out on Irish national television.
He wants Ireland to go to war to get his hideous Islamist thug family out of Egypt where they themselves had been fomenting war against a population that no longer buys their anti Western anti Israel bullsh-t.
And he's getting a hearing on our useless atheistic Marxian State funded television and radio stations.
No mention of the fact that 70 percent of Egyptians don't want him or his family or their Muslim Brotherhood President.
No mention of the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has been once again torching Christian churches across Egypt.
No mention of the fact that the Egyptian people support the actions of General Fateh El Sissi in removing Mahommed Morsi the Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt from office.
No mention of any of this because the truth has no currency in Irish television and radio stations.
And the Islamist who runs a Mosque in Dublin is weeping and whining on Irish television.
And his Islamist family members are being referred to as Irish.
And Churches across Egypt are burning as Morsi supporters like this man's family try to label the new government a Christian one while conveniently ignoring the fact that 60 percent of the new government's supporters are themselves Muslim.
And Al Qaeda is smiling malevolently in the wings. (In the wings of Cairo and the wings of Dublin.)
And it's all going pear shaped.
The buffoons of the media are once more struggling manfully to put us firmly on the wrong side of history.


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