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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the heelers diaries in america

Entering a rather enticing Roches Brothers grocery facility in the New England town of Wellesley.
A statuesque woman with a clipboard approaches me at the door.
"Would you care to sign a petition in favour of Rowena Bainesford's nomination to the Senate on behalf of the Democratic Party?" she enquires.
"I certainly would if she supported President Bush's attempts to confront Islamic Terror and if she defends the right to life of unborn babies," I reply enthusiastically.
The woman wrinkles her nose a bit.
My words can have given her little encouragement.
Yet she doesn't want to let me go.
I recognise her dilemma.
She is clearly torn between loving my Irish accent, and believing me to be an evil, vile, pro Bushwhacker, baby loving Catholic oppressor of the world.
That old gag.
"Well our candidate is pro choice," she says hesitantly.
"I'm very pro babies," I grin, "and I really want the Muslims to lose the War On Terror. And I really took a dim view of Democrats trying to criminalise Mr Bush in order to sidle their way into office while Islamist Nazis were continuing to infiltrate our countries with a view to enslaving all of us to their malign and vicious religion of hate. I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns."
She backs away sheepishly enough.
I can tell from her eyes and her smile that she really would like to get to know me but what I've said just doesn't leave her any wiggle room.
Sometimes my accent is not enough.
But the Americans are brilliant.
They still care about their democracy.
In Europe there's none of this.
Our democracies are dead.
Europe is facing the dawn of black Islamic night.


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