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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Coffee with Reggie Baines.
"Heelers you really think Muslims will rule Western Europe?"
"Yes they will. And you at least will live to see it."
"Okay then, and you're sure this will be a bad thing?"
"It will be a new dark ages for humanity."
"But Heelers even if you're right that Muslims will rule us, how can you be sure they'll rule us badly? You've been critical enough of our present political class yourself."
"Five hundred years ago the Byzantine Empire was the richest country on earth. Rich culturally, intellectually and politically. But the people had grown indolent. They were seduced by the pleasures of wealth. The Christianity which had gifted them with freedoms became a burden to them. They took the Faith for granted. It became merely a background exhibit for their lives of depraved self adulatory masturbatory sexual excess. Think of Enda Kenny calling himself a Catholic while legalising the murder of unborn babies. Now you've got it. The Byzantines were like us Reggie. They had the faith. They had what goes with the faith. A free country and the only wealth that matters. The wealth that comes from knowing your neighbours won't murder you. They had this. And a standard of living higher than many Western Countries today. And the Muslims took it from them. Overnight. They walked in and took it. No one in Byzantium was willing to fight them until it was too late. And in about five minutes flat, the Muslims turned the richest empire on earth, into the shit hole that is Turkey."


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