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Friday, August 16, 2013



1. The army general Abdel Fateh El Sisi is the most popular man in Egypt.

2. He has rightly removed President Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood from office because, (at least according to many Arab analysts), around 70 percent of Egyptians simply do not accept President Morsi as their President and will not accept President Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood as their rulers under any circumstance. Normally that 70 percent of Egyptians would be cowed by the violence, terror and sheer murderousness of the Egyptian Brotherhood. Latterly the 70 percent of Egyptians who want a better life have been become more difficult to cow.

3. The Egyptian Brotherhood have stood in the wings of Egyptian Society for eighty years waiting for an opportunity to seize power. During that time, the Egyptian Brotherhood murdered anyone in Egypt advocating a moderate form of Islam, or even a form of Islam that would allow Muslims the freedom to choose their own religion.

4. The Muslim Brotherhood have through murder and intimidation ensured that they are the only nationwide political organisation in Egypt.

5. And the Egyptian people still don't want them.

6. The Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi apparently won the recent elections but they won by default, taking advantage of the fact that the 70 percent of Egyptians who wanted a moderate option had no one to vote for, and had no unified political party making a pitch to them, specifically because as I've stated above, the Muslim Brotherhood routinely terrorises and murders all opposition in the towns and villages of Egypt out of existence.

7. President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted not by a military coup but by a military leader, Al Sisi, who recognised the will of 70 percent of the people of Egypt who insisted that on no account would they be ruled by an Iranian style psychopath like Morsi or by Iranian style fundamentalists like the Muslim Brotherhood.

8. In the few months while President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was in office as President of Egypt, Egyptians in their millions took to the streets to oppose his seizure of limitless powers under the guise of an election win.

9. American politician John McCain in claiming Al Sisi's actions are a coup, and by supporting Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, is simply wrong about this.

10. The socialist Prime Ministers of Europe are profoundly wrong about this.

11. CNN, Skybollah and Al Jazeera the Nazi Channel are all horribly and in some cases deliberately and culpably, wrong about this.

12. Robert Fisk, although a dedicated justifier of Islamist terror groups, is not an Arab, and is not an Egyptian, and has never been right about anything in his life.

13. The Egyptian people want something better than Islamic Fundamentalists reducing them to the level of farm animals.

14. The alternative to the interim administration installed by General El Sisi, is that under Morsi and his Brotherhood of psychos, Egypt will become a charnel house of Iranian, Al Qaeda, Taliban, style barbarism.

15. Those who insist on the formula that a win in an election, however tainted, entitles the former President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to do whatever they like in office, are thereby also  insisting on depriving 70 percent of the Egyptian people of their right to insist on a more moderate leadership,

16. In spite of what you're hearing from fading and failed American Presidential candidates and from the Islamist gibbons beloved of the dying  media groups of the West, General El Sisi is the only hope for Egypt.

17. I feel that those who don't support him now, will be responsible for what happens next.


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