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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

uncle james sorts it out

Dear Uncle James.
Why did something called Lise Hand writing in the Irish Independent, refer to Prime Minister Enda Kenny as a prophet?
Dazed And Confused

Uncle James writes:
Dear Dazed And Confused.
Contrary to popular opinion, Lise Hand did not call Enda Kenny a prophet, merely because Enda Kenny had cancelled a billion dollars of Independent Newspapers debt to bankrupt Irish banks.
Nor did Lise Hand call Enda Kenny a prophet simply because Enda Kenny had prevented any legal action being taken against the new proprietor of Independent Newspapers Denis O'Brien on foot of a Judicial Enquiry which found that Denis O'Brien is a fraudster whose personal fortune was founded on bribes to Enda Kenny's former party colleague Michael Lowry who as Communications Minister in a previous government corruptly awarded mobile phone broadcast licences to Denis O'Brien in return for bribes and other unspecified inducements.
And Lise Hand did not call Enda Kenny a prophet because Enda Kenny is a prophet.
He isn't.
Lise Hand called Enda Kenny a prophet because Enda Kenny this week legalised the murder of unborn children.
Uncle James


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