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Sunday, August 11, 2013

wisdom of the east

Another walk in the park with Miss Korea.
"You're supposed to love everyone," offers Miss Korea.
"Even..." I lower my voice mock conspiratorially, "...even Muslims?"
"Everyone!" exclaims Miss Korea.
"Do I have to love Muslims if they self detonate next to me?" I enquire, anxious to know the conventional viewpoint on such matters. "Or if they inflict a permanent worldwide terror war on humanity? Or if they try to commit genocide against the State of Israel? Or even if they're just murdering their own daughters for the crime of being unfortunate enough to get raped or for the more serious crime of wearing short skirts? Do I have to love them when they're doing all those things at the same time while paying people trafficking drug dealing scum to sneak them into my country?"
"Yes," says Miss Korea.
"Do I have to remain silent about their all out attempts to enslave the human race to the peace loving religion of Islam?" I wonder. "Do I have to remain silent about the Cult Of The Assassins, its present day incarnation being Al Qaeda, which has for fourteen centuries prevented any moderate version of Islam from emerging anywhere on the planet earth simply by murdering any Muslims who dared to be moderate in their dealings with other human beings? Do I have to stay silent about the Muslims who murdered a teenage boy at a coffee stand in Syria last month simply because the boy said he wouldn't have given credit to the Prophet Muhammad himself if he'd bought a coffee that day? Do I have to stay silent about that while the world pours money and attention into Syria and urges the rest of us in the name of charity to divvy up cash for one or other collection of Muslim psychos currently shooting and bombing Syria into ever further ever more barbarous Islamic perdition? Do I have to pretend none of this is happening? In the name of love?"
"You have to love them if you believe in Jesus," says Miss Korea, "but you don't have to agree with them."
"Ughhh," I reply sincerely.


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