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Friday, August 02, 2013

the summer of murders

The Brits had a Summer of murder too at the dawn of their own abortion culture.
A long hot August in the early 1960's when a country where murder was rare became overnight a country where murder is commonplace.
English people of a certain age still remember it.
It was their end of innocence.
Three police officers were killed in a single Summer.
Useless, useless, lousy, unnecessary diabolical murders.
Shortly afterwards the British government legalised abortion.
The mayhem hasn't stopped since.
This Britain that was wont to conquer others, hath made a shameful conquest of herself.
And now Ireland follows suit.
The Brits are an ancient, heroic and noble people.
We held out forty years longer than they did against satan's enticements.
Not bad.
But I'm not celebrating.
All the celebrations today are in hell.


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