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Monday, August 12, 2013

our television listings

(A Stalinist broadcaster funded through compulsory taxation on the Irish people in order to wage constant Marxian kulturkampf warfare against the Christian religion.)

10.00 Love Hate. Gangster drama produced by RTE and timed to coincide precisely with real events. Yes RTE are disseminating this pornographic violent pap while real thugs and drug gangs are oppressing, violating and murdering for real the real citizenry in real towns and villages all over Ireland assisted by real low life scum police officers. I kid you not. RTE have put our money into this glamourisation of gangster scuzz while the low life drug scum were actually in the process of terrorising every community in the land. And the liberal left wing atheistic anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group and the liberal atheistic Bolshevick anti Catholic Irish Times have spent the last two years telling us how entertained we all are by this televisual celebration of the very depravity which is destroying our nation. Here is the news. The Irish Times and the Irish Independent are bankrupt because they actually believe people want to see dramatic romantic televisual representations of the same drug scum who are daily placing every town and village in Ireland under the jackboot of people trafficking Islamist Nazi rackateers. I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns. The petty scum drug hoodlums and their corrupt cop accomplices have spent the Summer imitating the mayhem in Love Hate. And since the government forces us to finance RTE, our government also forces us to finance the Love Hate television programme, which amounts to financing the drug gangs and people traffickers' recruitment and training videos.
11.00 Murder She Wrote. Jessica is arrested after Sheriff Murgatroyd notices that everywhere she's been for the past twenty five years, there's been a murder at least once a week.
12.00 The News. Read by Chairman Mao. (Or if he's unavailable, by someone to the left of Chairman Mao.)
2.00 Mission Impossible. Rerun of classic 1960's series. This week Soviet Agent Archbishop Diarmuid Martin infiltrates the Catholic Church in Ireland with a view to undermining it from within. Using contacts provided by his KGB brother Seamus who happens to be political editor at the Irish Times, he labels Bishops who oppose his machinations as concealers of child abuse. Ho hum. This television station is pure arse. No one watches it except drug scuzz.
3.00 Miriam In The Afternoon. Chat show presented by Miriam O'Callaghan, the most unwatchable untelevisual human being on the planet earth. Today Miriam will be interviewing her husband Snodgrass about RTE's appointment of him as Head Of Programme Commissioning. Expect some tough questions about how Snodgrass previously earned a living heading up a production company which sold programmes to RTE starring his wife Miriam O'Callaghan, whom RTE was already paying half a million dollars a year to be the most unwatchable human being in the history of television. I kid you not. You know, the Irish government currently force any citizen who owns a television to pay 200 dollars a year to finance RTE's debasement of our culture and our discourse, and to keep the O'Callaghans in BMW's. The Irish government is introducing additional legislation to force those of us who have gotten rid of our TV's, to pay  200 dollars a year to finance RTE anyway. This is not a joke. Joe Stalin would have baulked at this stuff.
4.00 Parliamentary Report. They're cruddlers I tells ee.
5.00 Women Talking. Leg waxing left wing conformist harridans discuss their lobotomies. Free abortions for every viewer over the age of nine.


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