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Sunday, August 11, 2013


"Do you want to take the newspaper home with you?" said Uncle Jim proffering me a Sunday Independent.,
I shook my head.
"I cannot in conscience have that newspaper in my house," I said softly. "They have taken God from my people, pornogrified my country, colluded with corrupt politicians to turn our hospitals into abortion mills, elevated whoredom to sanctity, hooked our young people on drugs, condoms, and the pleasure ethic, instituted the violent society through the intellectual and moral debasement of the citizenry, destroyed the reputations of the most honourable and decent Bishops, priests and nuns among us, and lauded themselves every soul destroying step of the way for doing so. They have destroyed much and created nothing. They have done all this solely in the interests of their proprietors, a feudal robber baron called O'Reilly and a mobile phone thief called Denis O'Brien. In the interests of these two worthless atheistic fascist shleeveens, they have alienated the peasantry from the one force which might have saved us from this tidal wave of criminal destruction. Yes the one thing which might have saved us from the tyranny of liberals was the ancient beautiful and true Catholic religion. It could have saved the people from porno culture, drugs culture, racketeer culture, people trafficking culture, murder culture, stab culture, euthanasia culture, abortion pill culture, et al. (Particularly Al. I hate him.) For a mess of pottage, they have unleashed hell on all of us and on generations yet unborn. May their souls rot."
"Are you sure you don't want it?" said Uncle Jim laughing.


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