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Thursday, August 01, 2013

the devil rides out

The long hot Summer of murders rolls on in Ireland.
We've had a killing spree of unprecedented savagery that just seems to never end.
Drug dealing rackateers in alliance with corrupt cops are tightening their grips on towns and villages across Ireland.
Corrupt Judges continue to give pattycake sentences to the murderers who own the Judges. (NB: Forward copies of this article to Judge Hunt and Judge Martin Nolan.)
We are seeing the same societal dynamic taking shape before our eyes as has led to the collapse of Italy into a blood drenched narco mafia failed State.
And the murders.
Each one more vile, more useless, more depraved than the last.
Deaths in police custody.
Deaths at the hands of drug dealers and people traffickers and IRA men and Al Qaeda.
Deaths at the hands of street thugs.
A father killing his sons.
Two elderly men tortured and murdered in their home right next to the regional constituency office of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny getting in on the murder act by legalising abortion.
So it goes on.
This won't stop until we stop it.


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