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Thursday, August 01, 2013

operation your anus

Reichsmarschall  Alan Shatter was in his office.
The door burst open.
A lowly Feldwebel stood there panting.
"Reichsmarschall, Reichsmarschall, the people are revolting."
"So tell me something I don't know," grinned Alan Shatter.
"No, Reichsmarschall, I mean the people are up in arms about our legalisation of abortion. There's an unprecedented mood of unrest sweeping the country. We've never seen anything like it."
Alan Shatter nodded grimly and picked up the phone on his desk.
"Oberleutenant Skumensteiner," he barked, "issue another edition of the Murphy Report into child abuse cases involving the Catholic Church to the media."
He banged down the phone.
"That should distract the proles long enough for us to get the gas chambers, I mean abortion mills, rolling."


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