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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

senator feinstein's gambit

United States Senator Dianne Feinstein has released a partisan Democratic Party report into the CIA designed explicitly to distract attention from Barack Obama's incompetence as President by falsely labelling his predecessor George Bush a war criminal.
The report was compiled by the Democratic Party.
Not by the US senate.
You all know my opinions on this.
I believe a world wide Muslim terror army threatens humanity with a new dark ages.
I believe that Muslim Jihadi's use major mafia groups such as the IRA, Cosa Nostra, the Farc, Zetas, Russia Mafia, Nigerian gangsters, Chinese Triads, et al (particularly Al, I hate him) to vector along people trafficking rat lines into western countries.
I believe Barack Obama is an historically incompetent President.
I would ask you to be aware that in the week Senator Feinstein released her report, the Taliban attacked a school in Pakistan, and murdered more than 130 children.
We must fight them or surrender to them.
The wars of the future will be mafia.
That is all.


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