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Monday, August 31, 2015

thoughts on mental challenges

1. We can heal.

2. We have a limitless capacity to heal.

3. We are made to be well.

4. The mind is never the enemy.

5. All healing begins with acceptance of self.

6. All healing begins with an appeal to the freedom of the one suffering to choose to be well. (Thanks to RD Laing for that notion)

7. We can choose to be well.

8. Just as the body has self healing capacities so too does the mind. Just as a cut on your finger will heal using processes that are inherent to your body, the mind also has a capacity to heal using processes inherent to itself, and is constantly seeking ways of doing so. The natural momentum of the mind is towards healing. Like the body, the mind will be aided in healing itself by your doing things that help and do not hinder the process.

9. The ointment of healing for the mind is love and prayer.

10.Sometimes we are in love with our sickness.

11. The mind can be directed. (But not mechanistically. Only with dignity, wisdom, discernment and love and prayer. Not be barking unsympathetic reproofs at yourself or someone else. Not by saying: "You're imagining this; It's your own fault; Pull yourself together." Seek healing instead by saying: "You can overcome this because God has not given authority to anything that oppresses you." Say like Bishop Bloomer the great black television preacher: "This is not the place of my defeat. This is the place of God's glorious victory given unto me." Say with all who suffer: "I will rejoice in my affliction because I know even in my affliction God will be glorified.")

12. The mind has chambers... We need not fear to enter any chamber... We can build new chambers (new memories, new hopes, new adventures, new responses, new walks by the riverside)... We can CHOOSE to visit more empowering chambers (rooms with a better view!)

13.The mind has dignity.

14. Some healing takes place in sleep, and by eating well, and through exercise. The mind finds equilibriums/harmonies in these,

15. Love.

16. Reject satan and the evil spirits.

17.. Read the gospel of Saint Matthew in the Bible. Remember the son of the Hebrew God once said: "If you make my word your home, you will come to know the truth, and the truth will set you free.".

18. Jesus is real.

19. Jesus intends you to be well.

20. Jesus has authority over everything.

21. Be not afraid. In the world you may have trouble but Jesus has conquered the world. Jesus is perfect love. And perfect love casts out fear.


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