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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

minutes of latest IRA Al Qaeda Cosa Nostra consultations on people trafficking

Don Corleone: "So dis is what we do. We ship da immigrants onto the Med and drown a few hundred of them every week. Let the pressure build. The media will do our work for us. Then we smother a few hundred more in the back of meat trucks and abandon em at the side of da road in Austria. Lotsa cute dead kids. That's the money shot. That's what we need on prime time. And wait'll ya see how the media will lap it up. They'll sing our song for us. Immigration law will collapse. Dat's da racket. The politicians will answer to us, not to the people. They'll lower their boarders. We'll flood Europe with Muslims and African fascists. It'll be a blast. Well it will be when the Muslims warm up. Da important ting is dat regardless of the fate of western civilisation, we get our money for nothing, And they get their Jihadis for free. Ha ha. Money for nothing. Ho yeah. Jihadis for free. Look at that mohawk skanger, sitting on the street corner, thugging and a drugging on his MTV. That little skanger's got his own Audi A4. That little skanger works for me. We gotta install proxy politicians. Free Muslim deliver-i-i-ies. We gotta move these forty million Arabs. They're gonna live now in your countries. Oh hubba hubba. Shudda learned to tranship human beings. Shudda learned to deal dem drugs. Lookit that Mama. She's got her own brothel in Newbridge. She cows her heifers with black magic thugs. Gotta install microwave ovens Custom kitchen deliveries. We gotta move these African fascists. We gotta move these Jihadis. Hoo yeah hooh yeah hoo yeah. Ner ner, nerdle nerdle nerdle nerdle nerdle nurn."


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