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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

poem and parody

In Time Of The Breaking Of Nations
by Thomas Hardy

Only a man harrowing clods
With a slow silent walk
And an old horse that stumbles and nods
Half asleep as they stalk.

Only thin smoke without flame
From the heaps of couch grass
Yet this will go onward the same
Though dynasties pass.

Yonder a maid and her wight
Come wandering by
War's annals will cloud into night
Ere their story die.


in time of the breaking of societies
by James Healy

only a plush bottomed drug dealer
in a big house in the hills
with a garden thronged by the ghosts
of the children he kills

only a thug cop with a gun
thugging his way through life
enjoying a vast secondary income from gangland
while occasionally beating the living sh-t out of his wife

yonder a maid and her skank
come wandering by
the IRA will repay the thirty billion dollars it stole from Anglo Irish Bank
ere their story die


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