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Friday, December 11, 2015

today they said

Bill O'Reilly (Fox News presenter): "Mr Trump your plan to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States will alienate precisely those Muslim nations we most need in our fight against Isis."

James Healy: "We need to fight our own battles Mr O'Reilly. What you call Muslim nations are up to their necks in Jihad. Pakistan created the Taliban as a proxy against India. Isis was created by the Turks as a proxy against Kurdistan. Every Jihad franchise from the Taliban to Isis to the Muslim Brotherhood to Al Qaeda, is merely the modern incarnation of the cult of the assassins within Islam. We are up against it Mr O'Reilly. We are not winning this war because we have not yet begun to fight. Mr Trump at least is taking the gloves off. The conventional pseudo pieties of liberalism will not cover this Mr O'Reilly. Muslims can and should be prevented from travelling here just as Nazis and Stalinist Communists were once so prevented. There is no inherent right for anyone to in-migrate to our countries. And the threat to our civilisation from Jihad is as great as anything the Nazis or Communists ever devised. As of this moment Jihad is operating on the same planetary scale as Nazism and Communism once did. Its ambition to conquer all is identical to that of Nazism and Communism. Planes are falling into the ocean, Mr O'Reilly because Muslim pilots and maintenance crews are downing them. Ships are sinking because Muslims are scuppering them. Trains are crashing because Muslims are sabotaging them. People are being shot to death in schools, theatres and restaurants in America, France and Russia because Muslim Jihadis are targetting schools, theatres and restaurants all over the world in order to assert the master race supremacy of Islam. Muslims are waging permanent mass casualty Jihad against Israel (in order to exterminate Israel), against China (in order to detach Xinjiang from China), against India (in order to secede Kashmir), against Russia, in order to secede the Caucasus), against Thailand (in order to secede southern Thailand), and against the Philippines (in order to secede the island of Mindanao and other islands); Muslims are waging continental wide Jihad across Africa (in an attempt to erase all traces of non Muslim culture in Africa): And Muslims are waging an increasingly open and all out Jihad against the Free World, ie America, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe in a blatent bid for total power through the enslavement of the last bastions of liberty on earth.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel: "The State of Israel does not agree with Mr Trump's intention to ban Muslims from entering the United States."

James Healy: "So presumably Mr Netanyahu you'll be leading by example and allowing a right of return to the five million Palestinians massed in refugee camps on your borders who wish to return to their family homes within Israel."

Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland: "The Irish people do not agree with Trump's views."

James Healy: "Did you look into your own heart to find out that one Enda? Let me know how the Irish people feel after the next election. Better yet. We'll let you know."


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