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Friday, March 17, 2017

apologia pro odd stories mea

Sitting in a pew.
The church is quiet.
The bloke in front of me turns around.
I can see he has some sort of a handicap.
The ones with handicaps are normally the ones sent to teach lads like me who think they don't have handicaps.
"Have you ever met your guardian angel?"
"No," I tell him.
"I met one."
"Did you?"
"Yes I was on holiday in Europe and I was on my own. I was sitting on the train to Hamburg and wondering how I was ever going to find my hotel. A woman on the train saw me and helped me. She gave me all sorts of directions. Then she decided to accompany me to the hotel. She helped me with my baggage and all that. At the door of  the hotel I said to her that maybe I could help her get where she was going. She said: 'You're not ready to come with me yet.' I looked up the street and turned back to her. But she was gone."


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