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Thursday, March 02, 2017

prime minister enda kenny's feeling for snow

Perhaps a tad facetiously, I predicted a few weeks ago that Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny would shortly produce some sort of showboating coup de main to distract public attention from his inability to fire a Chief Of Police facing allegations that she framed a hero cop for child abuse.
The facetiousness of my suggestion was embodied in the notion that Enda Kenny would do what he did last year as turmoil engulfed his government and announce a thoroughly frivolous referendum on some issue for which there was no public need or demand.
Last year he gave the Irish people an unsought for vote on redefining sex acts between people of the same gender as marriage.
He called his referendum the Marriage Equality Referendum.
My facetious prediction a few days ago was that Enda Kenny would shortly hold a referendum offering the Irish people the chance to redefine masturbation as marriage.
This would be known as the Masturbation Equality Referendum.
Enda Kenny has not done this.
Instead today he has deemed the Tinker gangs of Ireland as an ethnic minority.
I think history will hold that my facetious prediction was close enough.
But what next?
Well during the next series of crises for this crisis ridden government, I fully expect Prime Minister Enda Kenny to recognise successively and in short order the IRA, Cosa Nostra, Al Qaeda, and the Triads as ethnic minorities.
It is a cruel twist of fate that the more traditional, conventional wankers will have to wait their turn behind the criminal classes for legal recognition as to their ethnicity under Irish law.


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