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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

today they said

Colette Brown writing in the Irish Independent newspaper: "(The) Church's priority isn't reprentance for sins - it is keeping its assets... It is time for (government) ministers to stop crawling to religious orders imploring them to do the right thing. It's time to exert some influence and build a wall between Church and State."

James Healy: "The wall I want built is between the State and Independent Newspapers. My concern is that Prime Minister Enda Kenny having nationalised Allied Irish Banks using public money, then allowed Allied Irish Banks to cancel Independent Newspapers' billion dollar debts. My concern is further that Prime Minister Enda Kenny's government has failed to take action against the billionaire proprietor of Independent Newspapers Denis O'Brien who has been found guilty by a Judicial Enquiry of bribing one time government minister Michael Lowry to obtain mobile phone service provision contracts for the Republic of Ireland dirt cheap. It was these criminally obtained mobile phone service provision contracts which provided the source of Denis O'Brien's billion dollar fortune, the same fortune that our government and Prime Minister did not touch when mandating the cancellation of Denis O'Brien's newspaper group's billion dollar debts to Allied Irish Banks. I am further concerned that our government is providing invisible funding to Independent Newspapers through unnecessary State advertising and through the improper awarding of publication contracts to Independent Newspapers to produce Irish language newspapers that nobody reads. My main concern in all this, is that these criminal collusions between Prime Minister Enda Kenny's government and Independent Newspapers and its billionaire proprietor Denis O'Brien, force me as a citizen to finance Colette Brown's pseudo intellectual bigot war against the Christian faith in the pages of the Irish Independent newspaper which according to its own official statistics lost ten thousand readers a day last year.. I protest about the invidiousness of my government forcing me to finance a bigot war against my church, as I protest also about the incitements to hatred which Miss Brown is passing off as commentary at my expense, ie through tax payer funding of her employer. Let's build a wall between Independent Newspapers and the State. Let's allow Independent Newspapers to sink or swim based on public support for its business model. And let's watch them sink giggling beneath the waves."


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