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Saturday, March 18, 2017

sparking dialogue

The hotel restaurant in Glendalough.
"How was your meal?" asks the Indonesian manageress.
"It wasn't bad. But I asked for vinegar."
 "I brought you vinegar."
"No there was no vinegar."
"I specifically put vinegar in the satchets container with the mayonaise, the brown sauce and the ketchup."
"I don't think you did."
"I defintely did. I remember you asking and so I made sure to put it there."
"I think you're mistaken."
She walked with me to the table, picked up the satchets container and extracted a satchet of vinegar.
"There," she said.
I looked at her most keenly.
We both knew what I was thinking.
I was thinking she'd managed a bait and switch as she picked up the container.
"I'm sorry you couldn't find it," she said.
"I suppose I would have found it if I'd searched through the forty other satchets," I replied.
Round about this time I began to suspect that Larry David is trying to kill me.


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