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Sunday, April 02, 2017

a heelers dictionary

Tautology: Sex And The City 2.

Boozeoisie: Collective noun. Irish people with a median income. Also Irish people on lower incomes. Also Irish people with higher incomes.

Heterosexual panic: When you see a girl so pretty you think you might have to do something about it.

Fine Gael: Irish language term that has entered the English language, meaning an inability to fire a chief of police who is being investigated regarding allegations she framed a hero cop for child abuse.

Sinn Fein: Irish language term that has entered the English language meaning IRA drug dealing people trafficking child abusing bank robbing rackateering devil worshipping terror mafia.

Trade Union: In Ireland a synonym for the IRA.

Prolix: Term of affection, endearment or inducement especially between husbands and wives, ie "You ----ing prolix, make me a cup of ----ing tea."


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