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Thursday, June 22, 2017

an open letter to gino kenny an elected representative in ireland's parliament in dublin

Dear Gino Kenny.
You have introduced legislation in Ireland's parliament to legalise cannabis use for what you call medicinal purposes.
The legalisation of cannabis for any purposes will enable the IRA mafia and their parliamentary proxies Sinn Fein to turn a substantial portion of their dirty money, ie the money they make from poisoning Irish people with drugs, into clean money.
Legalising cannabis as you propose to do, will also be a step towards legalising all drugs.
The strategy of legalising cannabis as a step towards legalising the entire mafia controlled drug trade has been used in other jurisdictions by mob sponsored politicians, as I'm sure you are aware.
I have suggested previously that your political organisation which you style People Before Profit and your parliamentary allies who are styled the Anti Austerity Alliance, are in fact substantially infiltrated and controlled by the IRA.
The methodology the IRA used to gain control of your political organisation was a similar one the IRA used in the 1980's to infiltrate the Dublin based anti drugs group known as Concerned Parents Against Drugs.
The IRA infiltrated Concerned Parents Against Drugs, terrorised its more honorable members into silence, and then used the group to drive out of Dublin any drug dealers who were not affiliated to the IRA.
The Concerned Parents Against Drugs turned a blind eye to IRA controlled drug dealers who were thus the only ones who could trade safely in Dublin.
This was how the IRA and their Sinn Fein proxies in parliament established their early monopoly on the drugs trade in Ireland, a monopoly which endures to this day with recognised franchise holders including Cosa Nostra, Chinese Triads, the Russian mafia, various Muslim gangs, Al Qaeda et al.
Mr Kenny your legislation will exponentially increase the power of the IRA mafia.
Already we are seeing the process of sicilianisation unfolding in Ireland, as IRA drug gangs using militias of young and not so young thugs from sink housing estates and tinker gangs, are turning our town and villages, cities and countryside, into mafia fiefdoms.
The official figures show in excess of 500 Irish people die from drug use every year.
The real figure is higher.
Those who don't die, the shambolical wrecks we see sleeping in their own vomit on Main Street, are reduced to a level beneath that of farm animals in order to keep drug dealing, people trafficking, child abusing IRA hoodlums who have never done a day's work in their lives driving around in BMWs, or Audis, or in the case of the hoodlums who live at my gate, in Jaguars.
Gino Kenny, I appeal to you, to cease introducing legislation contrived to serve the interests of the IRA in debasing yet another generation of Irish people as the IRA's older enslaved junkies keep dying off and they seek newer freedoms to enslave the next generation.
I note that you have been prominent in promoting the claims of a woman who says her daughter needs cannabis to control seizures.
I note also that the woman's claims have not been substantially verified by any proper medical authorities.
Are you sure of her bona fides?
Presumably you made some effort to check.
There are mothers and fathers who would prostitute their own children, you know, like for a million dollars.
The IRA would pay that in return for its entire cannabis operation being made legal.
Then there are some women who would prostitute their children just because they like the IRA and without any cash changing hands.
As you well know.
How did you verify the integrity of the woman you are using to justify your attempt to legalise the IRA's drug trade?
If you really wish to help her, tell the woman to bring her child to Church.
And then to Lourdes.
Then try acupuncture.
Then try alterations to diet.
Then buy the kid a horse.
Then buy her a labrador and/or a sheepdog and/or a hamster and/or hens.
These are things real mothers try when their daughters have seizures.
Real mothers don't rush to start dosing their kid with cannabis.
On the off chance that you may one day grow a conscience, I appeal to you again.
End this.
James Healy


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