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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

considerations re poltergeists

There are occasional media reports of hauntings in Ireland and in Britain. Most of them are fake I think.
I recognise that ghosts may be real but I suggest most of the reported incidents have been staged.
The most famous and sensational case in London in the early 1970's was entirely falsified by people seeking to get their names in the papers.
Then there's the perspective that phenomena we think are ghosts might be something else at times.
Father Benedict Groeschel was of the opinion that poltergeist phenomena were the results of mental telepathy. Some sort of mind powers. Often in a teenager and associated with puberty.
I tend to respect him and it's because of him and his claims to have personally witnessed such phenomena, that I'm willing to say that not all the reports of poltergeist activity are the result of fakery.
But I think he was wrong in concluding that some of the moving objects and poltergeist phenomena were mentally induced.
My opinion is that we don't have mind powers that can produce kinetic motion because having such powers would give us an improper advantage over others.
It seems to me that reality is ordered by God so that we don't have mind powers that can produce motion or create an impact using objects. I would regard this position as absolutely in keeping with theories of Darwinian evolution (although I do not think Darwinian evolution is a proven theory.) In Darwinian terms a creature with mind powers could destroy all other creatures. So there are none.
My own explanation for poltergeists and associated phenomena is the presence of a spirit, possibly an evil one, which may be attached to or persecuting a particular person, hence Fr Groeschel's opinion that the person themselves has produced the kinetic effect on objects around them.
This idea would also explain for me how some people appear able to cast curses on others. I'm suggesting that the curse is cast through an evil spirit or spirits and not through any real faculty that the person making the curse has themselves.
I recall a moderately attractive Spanish girl telling me once: "Soy demonio (I am a demon.)"
Apparently she was trying to be exciting.
And I had replied: "You're not a demon. A demon may be interested in you. But he's not you."
By which I meant:
Have no truck with spirits.
Jesus Christ died to set you free from any and every oppression of evil.
This is the age of the one true God.


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