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Sunday, June 25, 2017

sermons and sermonability

Father Baines on the pulpit.
"Many people fear that immigrants will take their jobs..."
The noble Heelers front row centre looks a bit bemused,
I'm thinking that my concerns, not fears, relate more to the reality that we are experiencing via uncontrolled immigration an allied IRA mafia Islamist smash and grab on our nation and our freedoms.
Ireland will not survive this.
Still the jobs issue is not entirely outside my purlieu.
Not so long ago I'd asked the owner of a nursing home about the possibility of employment.
She'd apologetically given me the nay.
And I'd looked around her foyer where the confused and abandoned elderly Irish were being at best ignored by a staff of Pakistanis, Philippinos and one rather aggressive Polish staff member whom I'd seen shouting into the face of a demented old lady: "I am not a nurse."
F---ing right she's not a nurse.
Barely even a human being as evidenced by her treatment of the little old lady.
The proprietor noticed my vacant and pensive mood.
"We really have nothing at the moment James," she'd said.
And I'd murmured softly: "No Irish need apply, eh Miriam?"
Back in Kilcullen church Father Baines continues.
"Let us pray for the grace to do the right thing towards the immigrants."
My face profondeurs into a study.
By doing the right thing, can the Padre possibly mean, re-establishing our borders and expelling all Jihadis and ethnic mafias?
It would be refreshing.
Ho hum.
All these nice people are really going to find Muslim rule quite a shock to their systems.


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