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Saturday, June 24, 2017

the humane killers

(being a short screed in the form of a list on the faux humanitarianism of outgoing prime minister Enda Kenny, his Fine Gael party, and the pseudo elites of Ireland.)

1. They were so humane that when the IRA gangster bank Anglo Irish Bank collapsed because the IRA were systematically burglarishing it through illegal billion dollar loans to themselves, Enda Kenny and his government continued the corrupt previous policies of a previous corrupt government in continuing to corruptly use tax payers money to pay the IRA's debts to its own bank.

2. When Lochlainn Quinn's AIB bank went bust, Enda Kenny was so humane that he ignored the conflict of interest in having Lochlainn Quinn's brother Ruairi as a member of his government, and bailed out AIB to the tune of billions of tax payers' dollars.

3. When I put it to Enda Kenny ten years ago at a dinner party in the town of Athy (capital of the IRA's caliphate in South Kildare) that serial killer Larry Murphy was refusing to discuss his various crimes while sitting out a pattycake prison sentence for a kidnapping, torture, rape and murder where he was interrupted before killing the victim, a sentence imposed by a liberal judge who allowed Murphy to avoid testifying by accepting a late guilty plea, when I told Enda Kenny that police and FBI sources believed Murphy had killed, killed, raped, raped and tortured and killed before, but that we were allowing him to sit in glorious silence in his jail cell rather than compelling him to tell us where those murdered girls and boys and adults were and who are the other members of his coven, when I told Enda Kenny this, Enda Kenny told me: "We can do something there." Little did I dream that doing something meant the humanitarian Fine Gaeler solution of releasing Larry Murphy, giving him an Irish passport and setting him loose on the boys and girls, men and women of Europe.

4. In Enda Kenny's humane Ireland it is forbidden to slap children in school but the humanitarians are perfectly willing to dose children with Ridilin and other mind altering drugs.

5. Enda Kenny was so humane that he absolutely refused to tackle the crime wave inflicted on Ireland by Tinker Gangs. Enda Kenny's humane solution to the wave of misery unleashed by the Tinkers was to designate Tinkers an ethnic minority.

6. Enda Kenny and his pseudo elites are much to humane to teach children respect for their own bodies so instead they have facilitated children with access to abortion pills no questions asked without parental consent no minimum age, at pharmacies all over Ireland, thereby turning children into murderers often before they reach their teens.

7. Enda Kenny and his government were so humane that they refused to take legal action against white collar criminal Denis O'Brien after O'Brien was deemed by a judicial enquiry to have bribed Michael Lowry a Communications Minister in a former Fine Gael government in order to obtain mobile phone service provision contracts dirt cheap thereby setting the billion dollar foundations for Denis O'Brien's stolen fortune, Instead Enda Kenny looked the other way while Denis O'Brien took control of Independent Newspapers and began filling the bankrupt readerless publications of that group with laudatory articles and photos of, you guessed it, Enda Kenny.

8. Enda Kenny was so humane that while refusing to have Denis O'Brien jailed or even investigated, he did find time to permit AIB bank (Remember them?) which had gone bust lending money to Denis O'Brien's newspapers, Enda Kenny I say, having nationalised AIB as previously mentioned, permitted AIB to cancel the billion dollar debts of Denis O'Brien's bankrupt newspapers. This was particular humane because it meant Denis O'Brien didn't have to spend a penny of his stolen billion dollar fortune to pay his billion dollar debts. The tax payer and the citizenry picked up the tab.

9. Enda Kenny was so humane that after Lochlainn Quinn as board member of AIB presided over the absolute collapse of AIB, Enda Kenny instead of banning Lochlainn Quinn from holding any further positions of corporate governance, allowed him to become chairman of the ESB, Ireland's State owned electricity company.

10. Enda Kenny is so humane that in response to public concerns about the collapse of immigration law in Ireland and Europe, he sent the Irish navy to the Mediterranean, not to secure the Boarder but to help people traffickers ship their Muslims ashore. My point about the false humanitarianism of helping people traffickers land the human beings they ship as cargo, is that it has helped (along with the Let-Em-In policies of German Chancellor Frau Angela Merkel and the current occupant of the See of Saint Peter, Jorge Bergoglio) to promote an exponentially unprecedented rush of people trafficking on the Southern Boarder of Europe, in turn of course leading to exponentially more deaths than would have occurred if we'd simply secured the Boarder in the first place and discouraged the people traffickers thusly from targetting us.

11. Enda Kenny and his government are so humane that they proposed to tackle Ireland's skyrocketing suicide rate by abolishing the concept of suicide.

12. The depths of Enda Kenny's humanitariaism are perhaps best shown by the manner in which he promised not to legalise abortion and then legalised it anyway once elected.

13. Enda Kenny was so humane that he couldn't bring himself to fire the most infamously corrupt police chief in our history, a character called Noirin O'Sullivan who has been implicated in parliament by the leader of the Labour Party as being a party to the framing of a hero cop for child abuse. Enda Kenny instead of firing Noirin O'Sullivan, appointed a committe to investigate her, a committee which is being humanely led by the incompetent scoundrel who hired her as Chief of Police in the first place.

14. Enda Kenny is so humane that he has monstrously presided over a situation where a Health Board website styled Spun Out, was advising children on how best to conduct sexual proclivities which the site calls "threesomes."

15. Enda Kenny is so humane that he has permitted our hugely disrupted generation of children to be taught that they may be gender fluid, or that they might indeed like to transition to a different gender, with the option of a mutilating sex change operation at fifteen to seal the deal. Counsellors fail to tell the children that the operation doesn't work, and that it will mean the must remain on a powerful cocktail of gender suppressant drugs for the rest of their lives.

16. Enda Kenny is so humane that he has silenced and marginalised all public concerns about the collapse of immigration law by labelling such concerns racist. Instead he has allowed the Muslim Brotherhood and its Al Qaeda and Isis franchises, to turn Ireland into a forward operating base for attacks against United States of America, Great Britain, Western Europe and the rest of the world. Enda Kenny's single greatest achievement has been to turn Ireland into Jihad Central for the planet earth.

17. Enda Kenny's humanitarianism also meant he was unwilling to do anything about the rise of the IRA as an international mafia or the monolithic extension of IRA mafia power throughout Ireland. As IRA skang gangs have waged turf wars in towns and villages across the country, Enda Kenny bleated: "Oh it will take many years to sort out the gangs." Meanwhile the citizens cower in fear and the IRA has begun dividing up Ireland into personal fiefdoms, apportioning parcels to the Cosa Nostra, Chinese Triads, Nigerian devil worship rings, the Russian mob and of course those little known Muslim combos the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and Isis.

18. As Islamic terrorism nests and metastasizes in Ireland, Enda Kenny being too humane to do anything about it, has instead proposed censoring the internet to stop people like me pointing it out.. The pro censorship position puts him in truly exalted company including the Chinese Communist government and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

19. Enda Kenny was so humane that during Ireland's recent eight year economic bankruptcy, he couldn't bring himself to reduce the vastly inflated wages of Ireland's indolent narcoleptic State employees. Instead he invented new taxes to impose on the citizenry so that teachers, nurses, doctors, soldiers, cops, lawyers and uncivil servants could continue to wax fat on their manifest corruptions. To keep these trade unionised louts in the style to which they have become accustomed Enda Kenny introduced cleverly themed new taxes, a Universal Social Charge on everything that moves, a water tax, a local property tax and even a proposed tax on lap top computers. Bear in mind that in Ireland we are forced to pay a tax if we own a television. This tax is used to finance Ireland's unwatchable Stalinist abortionist anti Catholic State broadcaster RTE.

20. Enda Kenny was so humane that he couldn't quite bring himself to do anything about IRA mafia  rackateers controlling Ireland's trade union movement. Presumably because he is aware that IRA mobsters like running trade unions and he considered it would be inhumane to deny them this simple pleasure.

21. I used to call Enda Kenny a weak, vapid, vascillatory, vacuous, hairstyle of a man. I was just being nice. But in truth, I'll miss him.

22. Enda Kenny was so humane that to please bigots and bolshevicks, he closed Ireland's embassy to the Vatican. He obviously thought that closing the Vatican embassy was the humane thing to do because it was the policy advocated by a small coterie of IRA crypto fascists, a decaying decanter of Irish Times reading bigots, and by a splodge of general half lahs amid the peasantry and by absolutely no one else. He must have known that the IRA, the Irish Times and the half wits at least, would get a momentary masturbatory thrill from such an action. He was always very caring towards minorities, was Enda.

23. Remember it was his notion of humanitarianism that at the outset led Enda Kenny to allow IRA people traffickers to flood our countries with Muslim Jihadis and associated Third World mafias. Is it so humane to acquiesce to barbarism? If I'm right, the Muslims will do here and are already doing here, exactly what they have done in every other country that allowed them in. They will inflict mass casualty terrorism. Then they will end the freedoms we have. After that, it's black Islamic night. The irony of the great humanitarians shepherding in a new dark ages for the human race is screaming.


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"Burglarishing" their own bank?

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I was drunk.

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