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Monday, December 02, 2019

contemporary history exam

Students must attempt all questions.

Question 1.
Compare and contrast the concerns of Irish Chief Of Police Drew Harris vis a vis evil right wingers sweeping like herds of wildebeests majestically across Europe, with the concerns of James Healy vis a vis the collapse of immigration law in Ireland and elsewhere. You may refer in your answer to James' additional warnings about the Muslim Brotherhood Al Qaeda Isis Jihad against humanity, and his distinctive analytic re the use of climate change propaganda to foster a world dictatorship based in the United Nations. Would you say James' concerns are borne out by last weeks's Jihad murders on or near London Bridge? How does the failure of the media to report the arrests so far of 18 arsonists in Australia who had deliberately started the current forest fires in New South Wales and Queensland, affect your attitude to the notion of climate change? Should Drew Harris have the power to censor the internet? Give reasons for your answers.

Question 2.
An Irish citizen styled Lisa Smith has been allowed to return to Ireland having gone to Syria in 2015 to support the Calphate established by the Muslim Brotherhood's Isis and Al Qaeda franchises. Lisa Smith has been permitted to bring back to Ireland an infant child which she claims to have given birth to. Does the erstwhile hand wringing of Irish media groups and politicians in 2015 about the fate of Yazidis, Syrians and Iraqis who were tortured, raped, burnt alive, dismembered and otherwise murdered and violated by Isis, affect your attitude to (a) Irish media groups and politicians; (b) Drew Harris; and (c) Lisa Smith? Does Isis' conduct of sex slave markets for children affect your attitude to Irish Chief Of Police Drew Harris as (a) a crime fighter, (b) an arbiter of acceptable opinion and analysis, and (c) an idiot? Should we be required by law to ask Drew Harris what we are allowed to make of Lisa Smith's return to Ireland? What would Lisa Smith have done to homosexualist Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar if she'd gotten him alone in her Caliphate? You may draw diagrams. Use your protractor and compass. She certainly would have.

Question 3.
With the drug dealing, people trafficking, child abusing IRA as presiding mafia dividing Ireland up into personal fiefdoms among gangs such as the Kinahans, the Hutches, the Rhattigans, and the Maloneys, along with Tinker gangs, and more than a hundred international mafias including Cosa Nostra, Chinese Triads, Al Qaeda, Isis, the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim clan gangs generally, MS 13, Mexican Zetas, Vietnamese gangs, Nigerian devil worship rings, the Russian mob, et al, and while more than 500 people in Ireland die every year from using IRA drugs, and another 500 from suicide caused by the stresses of living in IRA dominated neighbourhoods, and a further untold number die in mob hits as the IRA and its associated skang gangs shoot our towns, our society, our culture and our freedoms to pieces, would you say Police Chief Drew Harris is directing his energies appropriately in attempting to censor free speech on the internet? Should Drew Harris be investigating the Muslim clan gang which operates out of the Alke Babish chipper in Kilcullen and has harassed me for a number of years? What exactly is Drew Harris job? Is he good at it? Use your imagination.

Question 4.
American commentator David Wood has stated today regarding the Jihad attacks on London: "The world needs courage. Be the courage."


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