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Thursday, February 13, 2020

fine good fooling

Something called Cormac Bourke, styling himself editor of the Irish Independent newspaper, has this week been printing more open letters, often spread over two pages of his publication, appealing to the Irish people to subscribe to its online edition at a cost of two and a half Euro a week.
It's the journalistic equivalent of the street beggar whining: "Spare change, spare change, spare change please Sir."
Bourke has kept it up for the past month.
Persistent little beggar indeed.
Although we'll have to imagine for ourselves the aggressive Dublin accent to get the full bathetic effect.
They're nearly gone.
Let no one forget that this was the most irreligious, debauching, atheistic, abortionist, slanderous, anti Catholic media group in Europe.
Even last year when they'd already gone bust on their anti Catholic corporate vision, and the dogs int the street were telling them to give it a rest, they were still peddling the same tired, clapped out, old bigotries.
Remember the false stories accusing nuns of throwing dead babies into sewerage tanks?
Remember the incitement to hatred style false accusations that nuns were selling babies overseas?
Remember the contrived Naziesqiue media presumption of guilt for any nun accused by anyone of doing anything?
The Beobachter Zeitung wouldn't be in the ha'penny place with them.
Yes. Those above cited now thoroughly debunked nun slanders masquerading as journalism are from just last year.
But they serve as a fitting reminder and indeed summation of Independent Newspapers' fifty year bigot war against Christianity.
Mugging old nuns in their dotage.
What a measure of Independent Newspapers' class.
I mean lack of class.
And lack of courage.
And lack of insight.
It's about the price of them anyway.
That and 2.50 Euro a week for the online edition.
Last year's slanders were also a sort of payment in kind of Independent Newspapers' long term strategic debts to the corrupt Fine Gael party over the most recent decade as run first by Prime Minister Enda Kenny and then by his successor Leo Varadkar.
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours sort of thing.
If the Irish people were stampeded by Independent Newspapers away from the church then the citizenry would be far less likely to notice the monstrous aberrations which Fine Gael were attempting to propagate as normative values in our society.
To wit to woo: Legalising abortion, deeming mutual masturbation between people of the same gender to be marriage, performing sex change operations which don't work on children and adults. From the Indo's reportage, you'd think nobody gave a darn in heck.
I'm suggesting that failing to report public concerns about the Sodom and Zappone Fine Gael real politik and its consequences for children aged five whose parents let them watch My Name Is Jazz, was a quid pro quo for Independent Newspapers.
Quid = Not giving any platform for the open expression of massive public concern at Fine Gael's ruinous amorality.
Quo = Fine Gael using public money to keep Independent Newspapers in business.
As the party of government for the past nine years, Fine Gael had allowed no legal action to be taken against the then owner of Independent Newspapers white collar criminal Denis O'Brien when a Judicial enquiry concluded Denis O'Brien had bribed former Fine Gael Communications Minister Michael Lowry with at least 50,000 Euros in backhanders to obtain mobile phone service provision contracts worth a billion of dollars.
In other news, Independent Newspapers' billion dollar financial debts had been cancelled by Allied Irish Bank after the Fine Gael party nationalised AIB with public money.
The bank had gone bust because Independent Newspapers were refusing to pay their debts.
But who cares.
Fine Gael used our money to pick up the tab for billionaire Denis O'Brien.
Wheels within wheels.
In reality in Ireland, there's never more than one wheel.
The wheel is rigged and it's the only game in town.
Independent Newspapers has been instrumental in distracting public attention from Fine Gael's legalisation of abortion and in further concealing the fact that Fine Gael's share of the electoral vote has collapsed precisely because they legalised abortion.
Nor have they facilitated any open analysis of the fact that forty percent of the Irish electorate in refusing to vote at election time are expressing opprobrium for Fine Gael, and the other major parties Fianna Fail, Labour and Sinn Fein, for being complicit in the legalisation of abortion.
Nor have they reported Fine Gael's permitting and promoting via the so called Health Services Executive of sex change operations which don't work for children and adults.
Under the Gaelers, and with the acquiescence of the other parties in parliament, children as young as five have been transitioned for mutilating sex change operations at the age of fifteen.
All this perfidy in the past decade.
The fall of man cloaked in a media culture war against the Catholic Church.
The crowning glory of atheistic pseudo liberalism.
Sex change ops for kids.
I ask you.
And Independent Newspapers, that great principled media group, never even noticed.
Sex change ops for children wasn't an issue for the heroes at Independent House until last week when I finally shamed them into some modest reportage of the matter courtesy of their in house hand wringing plagiarist token Catholic Michael Kelly.
This is one article they won't be ripping off.
They're nearly gone.
Independent Newspapers AND Fine Gael.


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