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Sunday, July 08, 2012

our television listings

(The Irish national fraudcaster. A television station of the liberal atheists, by the liberal atheists, for the liberal atheists. But financed by Christian people through a government imposed licence fee. Nifty, what!)
2.20 Eastenders. Amoral socialist porn shown at a time when it can infect the youngest possible viewers.
3.00 Great British Food. A contradiction in terms, surely.
3.25 Grand Designs. I've no idea what this is.
4.25 Murder She Wrote. Jessica investigates the murder of seven, yes SEVEN, Muslim women in the Kingston area of Ontario, Canada recently. That is to say she investigates the murders of two Muslim women and five Muslim girls. But the total of dead Muslim females in the space of a week is seven. She is astonished that there has been no reportage in Ireland or Britain of the murders of these women and girls by male members of their families. But of course the Irish Times and its ilk are far too busy worrying about giving Muslim males the right to force their daughters and sisters and mothers and aunties to wear silly little head scarves, too busy worrying about this tosh, to actually focus on something so trivial as seven murders. You may be sure if seven Muslim women got killed by coalition forces in Iraq or Afghanistan, it would have made the news here. But it doesn't do to become distracted by seven murders of Muslim women by their brothers and fathers and uncles and cousins. Allah u akbar, eh Irish Times? The women and their daughters were drowned by the way. Yes all of them. Four in a car in a canal, and three in a hotel swimming pool. F*** ** ****.
5.20 The Bill. They're making a sequel to this called The Fred.
5.45 Nuacht. Followed by Ziggle Bong Zoob. No, I'm just making that up. But the programme really is called Nuacht. I believe it last had a viewer some time around the Autumn of 1975.
6.00 The Angelus. Rung by Quasimodo.
6.01 News.7.00 Fresh From The Sea. Clodagh McKenna visits Galway's international oyster festival on my dime.
7.30 Eastenders. Anissa and James enter a particularly torrid phase of their relationship.
8.00 Fair City. Al Qaeda bombs Dublin. The Irish Times blames George Bush.
8.30 How Long Will You Live. Yawn fest.
9.00 News.9.30 The Rutland. I don't care what this is.
10.30 Mistresses. Two please.
11.30 Boston Legal. RTE's fetish with doctors and lawyers continues. Tonight it's lawyers. The clue is in the title.
12.20 News. They're not joking. It's another news programme.
12.25 Loose Connections. (Film, 1983.) Starring, oh who cares.
2.05 Telly Bingo. The most intellectual programme on RTE.
(Yup folks long after midnight and still no sign of a Christian programme on RTE. Truly they are coarsening the nation. Lots of sex and violence in Eastenders and The Bill shown in mid afternoon to destroy as many young minds as possible. I mean who are these people? And when are we going to put a stop to them?)

Originally published July 2009.


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