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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

comparative analysis of the american and irish justice systems with regard to the treatment of super thieves styling themselves bank executives

Bernie Madoff: His crime was to defraud millions of Americans by posing as a banker. His punishment was to be sentenced to no less than one hundred and fifty years in jail.


Sean Fitzpatrick: A supposed Irishman. His crime was to bankrupt Ireland by robbing his own bank of billions of dollars through loans to himself and his co conspirators Sean Quinn and family. Fitzpatrick was also assisted by political allies including the now deceased gangster Brian Lenihan and the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government, along with its successors in government the corrupt kleptocratic Fine Gael and Labour Parties, all of whom looted the treasury to conceal Sean Fitzpatrick's burglarisation of his own bank. His punishment has been to remain scot free and absolutely unpunished.

David Drumm: Was employed in management at Anglo Irish Bank. Assisted Sean Fitzpatrick in robbing Anglo Irish Bank. His punishment has been to be let off scot free and to be allowed to live in palatial splendour in Boston.

Sean Quinn: Gangster with terrorist connections posing as a businessman. With his family assisted Sean Fitzpatrick in robbing Anglo Irish Bank of billions. His punishment has been to be let off scot free and to retain his stolen billions in concealed overseas investments.

Gillian Bowler: Helped the above conceal their thievery through billion dollar transfers. Scott free.


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