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Saturday, July 07, 2012

who rules ireland

Dear Heelers.
To settle a bet, can you tell us who actually rules Ireland.
Interested Party

Dear Interested Party.
Ireland is ruled by Jim Brown, Chief Executive Officer of the bankrupt corrupt financial institution which styles itself Ulster Bank.
He is the supreme ruler of the Republic of Ireland.
All politicians, judges, police officers, civil servants, and of course the proles, answer to him.
Last week, the elected representatives of the people of Ireland asked Jim Brown to tell them his salary.
Jim Brown said no.
And the great men of the Irish parliament let him away with it.
So he's our ruler.
Ulster Bank's corrupt attempts to corner the property market through a malign and illegal cartel with Bank Of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank, have clearly not discouraged Jim Brown from letting the elected representatives of the peasants know who's boss.
These people will not stop until we stop them.
James Healy


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