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Friday, July 06, 2012

they saved enda kenny's brain

How the mighty have fallen.
No, I'm not talking about Enda Kenny.
I'm talking about the untameable super naked lady exploiting super phone tapping super corrupting the police through super bribery keeping the super Murdock family in super BMWs and super Chinese mistresses by debauching the citizenry super soaraway Sun newspaper.
Cor blimey.
The Sun newspaper's Irish edition today carried a picture of Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny with a golden eagle perched on his shoulder.
Enda Kenny is a weak vapid vacuous hairstyle of a man.
The headline the super soaraway phone tapping police corrupting Sun chose for the photo was: "Oceans Of Talent."
I kid you not.
We're a long way from the glory days of Up Yours Delors, and Freddie Starr Ate My Hamsters.
Even pornographers get old and tired, I suppose, and also anxious about getting government subsidies to maintain their bankrupt anti Catholic naked lady exploiting phone tapping police corrupting super soaraway titles.
My suggestion for a caption for the picture of Enda Kenny with a golden eagle on his shoulder is as follows.
Above the picture you write:
And below the picture you write:


That folks, is what I call journalism. Incidentally the Irish Times today also printed the Enda Kenny eagle photo. On separate pages it printed two other photos of the same Enda Kenny without eagle. Overkill perhaps. We all know what he looks like. But the Irish Times is as desperate as the Sun for public funds so the Kenny pics keep rolling. Needless to say the Irish Times has even less memorable photo captions than the Sun. At least I can't remember them.


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