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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

dial a for archie

Lolling in a Newbridge cafe.
An Irish Independent open on my table.
I am reading an article by something called Lise Hand.
The article is a study.
Lise Hand is eulogising Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
No surprises there then.
She is claiming that he received a standing ovation at the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin.
She is attempting to portray him as the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
She quotes some scrote or other whom she claims exists and whom she claims to have met at the Eucharistic Congress, and whom she claims told her Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a great man.
She inadvertently mentions that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin had to leave the Eucharistic Congress immediately after his talk in order to attend something she called his "daily press conference."
I look at Lise Hand's article.
A big splash.
A big photo of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin photographed from a low angle with the colours in his vestments artificially highlighted to make him look like the king of the world.
Such adulation for a supposedly Catholic Archbishop.
Such adulation from an atheistic newspaper journalist working for the most virulently anti Catholic newspaper group in Europe.
What can be the reason for it?
Lise Hand's anodyne prosody reeks of pure evil.
I wonder can Archbishop Diarmuid Martin himself smell the sulphur.


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