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Friday, June 15, 2012

institutionalised thuggery on dublin's luas tram system

Dusk glistening over a rain washed city.
An aura of peace on the 8pm Luas tram out of Dublin city centre.
No rapes.
No murders.
No assaults.
No hard men shooting up heroin.
No loud Dublin accents threatening mayhem.
No Nigerian gangsters discussing their genitalia.
I am quite astonished.
What can be the reason for this unaccustomed peace.
I scan the carriage.
Now I understand.
Bold readers, I have been travelling on the Luas tram daily for the past month.
Yesterday for the first time ever, I saw two security men riding in the tram with us.
Normally the security men just stand beside the tracks in their shiny flack jackets doing nothing.
They don't ride the trams which have consequently become mechanised moving violations.
The heroin addicts and gang scruff of Dublin's inner city have realised the trams are unsecured.
So it's non stop violence.
Non stop.
Except for yesterday.
Yesterday because two security men were in the carriage on the 8.30 Luas tram, a quite extraordinary peace reigned.
The security men got off after two stops.
They stood on the platform at Heuston station doing what they do best.
And without their presence the aura of peace and safety on the tram instantly dissolved.
Why it was like being in a Mad Max film.
That's our Luas tram.
Mad Max without the road warrior.
The baddies win.
Every time.


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