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Monday, June 25, 2012

the monica leech laugh in

Two blokes are sitting in a pub in Dublin.
"Tell me," says one, "why are Irish people compelled by law to finance a television station called RTE which operates in a monopoly situation meaning Irish people while financing RTE are prohibited by law from setting up television stations to compete with it? And why were leading members of Marxian terror groups styling themselves the IRA allowed to take charge of news and documentary coverage from RTE? Why was a communist called Charlie Bird, member of a communist party, member of an organisation styling itself the Official IRA, why I say, why was Charlie Bird allowed to hold RTE's most senior broadcast journalist position? Why is Charlie Bird still there? Why are anti Catholic Marxians who have never repudiated or apologised for their attempts to hand Ireland over to Soviet Russia, why I say, why are these scruff permitted to farm the Irish people into a bigoted knee jerk anti Catholicism that would shame Stalin? Why do we tolerate the most brain dead bigots of the ilk of talentless gits like Ray Darcy and Christie Moore being permitted to parrot bigotries about our faith while we are forced to finance them? Why the hell don't we put a stop to this?"
"I don't f--king know," says the other guy.


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