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Sunday, June 17, 2012

our television listings

(Ireland's national fraudcaster run by the Marxian atheists of the Marxian atheists and for the Marxian atheists, but financed by compulsory taxation on the Christian citizens of Ireland who are compelled to finance whether they watch it, despise it, or excoriate it, or not, and who are also prevented by law from setting up television stations to compete with it.)

10.00 Murder She Wrote. Jessica is arrested on suspicion of being a serial killer after Sheriff Tate realises that everywhere she's been for the past twenty years has had at least one murder per week.
11.00 Friends. Monica gives an Irish government Minister blow jobs in return for a contract to design websites no one ever visits. She gets collossally rich on libel awards granted to her by Judges who political allies of the government Minister. Rumbunctious New York comedy with a topical twist.
12.00 Midday News. The news is that RTE is an unwatchable Stalinist crap house and we're all forced to finance it whether we watch it or despise it, or, oh you know.
1.00 Mindless Atheism Hour. Every hour on RTE is mindless atheism hour.
2.00 Afternoon With Unwatchable Hags. Title says it all.
3.00 Children's Programmes. RTE's attempt to prepare children for adult life by sexualising them out of their tiny minds.
4.00 Ironside. Ironside investigates RTE for framing a priest for child rape.
5.00 The Archbishop Diarmuid Martin Love In.
6.00 Angelus. Bell ringing sop to believing Christians.
7.00 Coronation Street. Unwatchable British class porn.
8.00 That's enough RTE. - Ed note.
9.00 I f--king know. - James note.


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