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Friday, June 15, 2012

confucius he say

What a relief that Ireland is out of the European Soccer Championships.
Now I won't have to endure any more of that insufferably pious faux popularist claptrap from the dessicated tabloid media, whereby the asininely conformist atheistic scrotes from the bankrupt anti Catholic Daily Mirror, the bankrupt anti Catholic Daily Star, the bankrupt anti Catholic super soaraway Rupert Murdock owned phone tapping Sun and the more pseudiferous Bolshevick bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Times and the most egregiously morally and financially bankrupt of all, the anti Catholic Irish Independent, I won't have to endure these scrotes i say, attempting to portray themselves as somehow being in fellowship with the beautiful and ancient Irish nation, by running headlines about Trap's Army, or the Green Army, or Captain Mainwaring's Army, or Whatever Deluded Epithet they think we'll swallow, which epithets do in no way describe the Irish nation or our fans, but merely refer to a rarified collection of lagar louts and jail birds who at the height of the economic ruin of our country, were able to pool their social welfare money and their drug money to go on a three week holiday in Poland and Ukraine, a conscienceless piece of daytripping at a time when both Poland and Ukraine are once more falling under the jackboot of a murderous psychotic Russian dictator called Vladimir Putin who has assassinated the legitimate President of Poland, and falsely imprisoned the legitimate President of Ukraine, I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
But thank God it's over.


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